The Stories that Make Us with Andrea Moffatt

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If you’ve ever experienced a swell of happy tears followed by a fervent wish that you could press pause on your life as it is in this very moment, this is the breakout for you. Life, in all its vibrance of colors, sounds, and smells, is heartbreakingly beautiful, but sometimes our images fail to fully encapsulate the memories and emotions associated with the moment. Andrea Moffatt will show you how, like masterfully written literature, our photo stories need fully developed character, setting, and theme in order to have staying power. She will give you explicit instruction and concrete examples around the development of character, setting, and theme so that each of your images will forever carry with it the feeling of what it meant to be alive on that day. Growing photographers will find valuable exercises around uncovering hidden themes of their work as well as their personal style, while advanced photographers will find an in-depth, thoughtful guide to turning their artistic eyes and hearts onto their own stories in order to make more meaningful personal images that sing.

Every little story you tell has the potential to become a small contributing piece to who your child will someday become, as well as an important part of your family’s shared history. So what do you want those stories to say? “You were kind.” “You were curious.” “You were brave.” These are the stories that make us. So let’s make them count!


• How to breathe life into your personal images so that, years later, holding them will evoke long buried memories, emotions, smells, and sounds
• How shooting in the gray (that is- between documentary and lifestyle photography) is warranted, and how to fully embrace this middle ground
• How to paint true-to-life, memorable pictures of your subjects, your story’s characters, by making a character sketch like an author
• How to use the story setting as a living “third character” that holds just as much meaning and memory as your human subjects
• How to figure out what story themes (such as change, joy, childhood, balance, etc…) are most prominent in your work currently. You’ll be given exercises to help you do this!
• How to intentionally grow the present themes of your work through composition choices
• How to plan and shoot longterm character, setting, or theme-based projects ( called “heirloom stories”) that your children will cherish forever
• How to develop a workflow to easily and regularly curate & print your images so that your stories surround your family and become a part of your shared history


• 100 + page PDF
• Color Wheel (Bonus PDF)
• Heirloom Stories: Crafting Long term Photography Projects (Bonus PDF)
• Zoo Trip Shooting & Editing
• Bike Trip Shooting & Culling
• Stories Are Light printable for your photography space
• Q&A Video

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Andrea Moffatt is a stay at home mom, part time family and stock photographer, elementary school teacher on extended break, and literacy advocate who lives a happy, crayon & picture-book fueled life outside Pittsburgh PA with her husband and 2 young sons. Since her own childhood, Story has been a unifying theme threading its way (sometimes unexpectedly) throughout her life. From her early love of reading and writing, to her Masters in Children’s Literature, to her literacy outreach work, her love of Story goes beyond photography. Andrea wholeheartedly agrees with one of her favorite children’s authors, Kate DiCamillo: “Stories are light.” Our world NEEDS more listeners, more storytellers, more stories. She hopes you’ll join in- let’s make some light!

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    This is a MUST DO breakout!

    Posted by Missy Knight on 3rd Jul 2017

    It has changed my way of thinking about the photographs I take before ever clicking the shutter all the way through to the legacy the photos will leave behind. I didn’t want it to come to an end when I was finished. I can’t wait to take my photography to the next level by through the stories my photos will tell and what messages it will leave behind for my children about their childhood through my eyes.

  • 5
    I am so incredibly happy that I purchased this breakout.

    Posted by Francesca DiVecchio on 3rd Jul 2017

    Andrea’s ability to read the light is so phenomenal to me. She will take such a small pocket of light and create a gorgeous image! I am a big fan of Andrea’s Storytelling Images. This breakout is exactly what I needed to take my photography to the next level. This is a breakout that I highly recommend. Many thanks to Andrea Moffatt for creating these materials. I am very appreciative! :-)

  • 5
    I adored this breakout.

    Posted by Kati on 3rd Jul 2017

    It is definitely among my favorites I’ve taken. It spoke to my heart and was exactly what I needed at this point in my photography journey. I have been feeling very much in a slump lately and have barely pulled out my camera. Andrea’s breakout has inspired me to take a different approach and look at why I’m doing this in the first place and what my personal goals are. She also inspired me to finally begin a personal project I’ve been thinking about for months. The pdf was very well written, organized and helpful. It was a fantastic investment, and one I will come back to often.