The Emotional Artist with Candice Zugich

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The Emotional Artist is about creating an atmosphere for you and your subjects to connect on a deeper level. Candice teaches you how to bring out true emotion in your subject, showing you the techniques she uses on shoots and the ways she creates art through just one expression. From posing to composition (and everything in between), you'll learn how Candice creates connection in her images. 

What You'll Learn:  
-Preparation for shoots
-How to improvise with clients/subjects
-How to create a emotional vibe on shoots
-How to guide your clients into those connected poses
-How to see connection through composition
-How to verbally draw clients through just a few words. 
What's Included:
-a PDF (broken into three parts)
-two editing videos, a shooting video
-Question and Answer video.
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Hi there I'm Candice and I'm a Fine Art Connection Photographer. I live in Sunny Southern California with my beautiful little family. I'm a mother, writer, story teller, book worm, speaker and dreamer. I love to create art through emotion and connections through others. I'm a firm believer in breaking the rules and letting your heart and soul guide you through your own personal path. I'm the proud Face behind the name of The Blissful Maven and couldn't be happier my small little business. I'm a free spirit and I hate to be stifled with genre of photography, so if its possible to find connections through others you'd better bet I will capture them.

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    Likes & Dislikes

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Dec 2017

    As a Canadian purchasing this e-book it cost me around $80.00. For me personally, I would've liked this more if it didn't cost so much.
    While there were things that I really liked about this course, there were also things that I didn't like at all. A few things that really stuck out to me about this e-book was Candice's video where she takes you with her on a few different types of photo shoots. There was no voice over or consistent talking by Candice about what she was doing to pose and direct her clients or anything like that. It was simply music playing for 95% of the time and I didn't learn anything from this which was the most disappointing part. I wish she would've went into more depth about how EXACTLY she creates a posing flow, directs and pulls emotions out of her clients through a means of cues or verbiage. She also sounds a little unsure and is very broad about her processes in her Q&A, so it was hard to learn from her that way too.
    I will say though, that I found that her PDF to be great. It was a very interesting read and I liked her approaches to photography. She also gives helpful tips about working with light and how to tell a story by using yourself as inspiration by honing in on having a vision for your images.
    Overall, this e-book would be worth the full 5 stars if it didn't cost so much as a Canadian and was more through in the "how to" department.

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    Posted by Kelly Barr on 12th Dec 2016

    I've been a fan of Candice's work for a while, so when I saw this breakout, I immediately knew I needed to purchase it. It over-delivered in every way.. Something as simple as her video on a b&w self-portrait in a cluttered bedroom really made me think about how to work around challenges and be creative during all stages of a project or session, from pre-planning to shooting to post-production.

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    So healing... It Gave Me Confidence to be the Artist that I Truly Was

    Posted by Anne on 1st Nov 2016

    Oh my goodness Candice spoke beyond my soul! I've always struggled with photographers being "artists" and the perfection in imperfection, and she explained both and many other things so perfectly. The ebook was filled to the brim with STUNNING photography and amazing quotes. I'm a child photographer so I was worried that the information wouldn't be relatable since most of what she talks about is couples. But while there was some couple-specific info, the rest was so applicable to nearly any portrait niche. Thank you Candice for giving me the confidence to allow myself to be imperfectly beautiful! You changed my life as a photographer.

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    Posted by Unknown on 27th Sep 2016

    Loved this class! It was great watching Candice shoot live, and edit live too. I learned so much from this course to create the type of images I want.

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    Posted by Jillian B on 25th Aug 2015

    This was the most inspiring breakout I've purchased to date! I absolutely loved the shooting video - watching Candice work with clients is really helpful and the music along with the videos, and completed photos were breathtaking. I also love her editing videos - she lets you know that it's ok to just do what you like, make it look the way you like - simple as that. This breakout is worth every penny and I know I will revisit it whenever I need inspiration.