The Dawn Collection Presets by Meg Loeks for Lightroom/ACR

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The Dawn Collection Presets for Lightroom/ACR

The Dawn Collection is a preset pack by Click Pro Meg Loeks. Featuring 16 color presets and 4 stackable overlays, the collection transforms images into dynamic, polished art. From moody Dutch Masters light to harsh, midday sun the presets dramatically enhance light and give images depth. The colors are earthy and rich yet works to correct and warm skin tones. The Everyday preset is just as it implies, a clean edit designed for everyday use. Golden Hour Classic works best on golden hour images, Dutch Masters Warm works best on indoor low light images, Moody High Noon works best on high noon images, and so forth. The Dawn Collection also features 4 stackable overlays designed to dramatize skies, enhance golden hour and isolate your subject. Designed for use with RAW files only.


●Lightroom lrtemplate Presets – for Lightroom 5, 6, Classic CC up to 7.2, & CC desktop

●Lightroom XMP Presets – for Lightroom Classic 7.3 above, will work in ACR too!

IMPORTANT: It is very, very beneficial to use the right files for the right version of software. If you have a newer, updated version of Lightroom Classic, please use the xmp files and not the older lrtemplate files. Newer xmp presets will look slightly different from older lrtemplate presets because of newer improved profiles and features.

Due to the nature of the product, we are unable to issue refunds on digital downloads.



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  • 2
    Don't do it!

    Posted by Steve on 5th Oct 2019

    I pretty much agree with the other sub 3 star reviews on this. I really wanted to love them, but I just can't. Colors are nice, but for $65 I would expect the same quality as something from DVLOP or Rook and Rover. Haze magically appears out of the side when you put it on a portrait shot (not the top). I really wanted to love them!

  • 5
    Dawn presents

    Posted by Samanda Thompson on 4th Oct 2019

    Love these presets!

  • 5
    I adore these presets!

    Posted by Megan Arndt on 2nd Oct 2019

    Although I am not usually a preset user, I use the Dawn Presets all the time! They are great for taking a SOOC image and transforming it into a work of art. I use the "Dutch Masters Warm" all the time indoors, and I am obsessed with “Haze” and “Dramatic Sky” for my outdoor images. I love how easy they are to use as-is or to tweak to make them perfect for each of my images.

  • 1
    Not what I expected

    Posted by Kelli on 1st Oct 2019

    I have followed Meg for a long time and absolutely love her photography. I don’t typically buy presets but was really hopeful that these would help create the look of her photos. I was wrong. As much as I wanted to love these I hate them. I have tried on indoor, outdoor, and many different lighting situations and I feel it doesn’t do much for the photos at all. I’m very disappointed, especially after spending so much.

  • 5
    Love the colors and overall results!!

    Posted by Yoopermom4 on 1st Oct 2019

    I am not a preset person. I typically edit everything by had or with a preset I have created, but I love Meg's work and decided to give these a shot. They are fantastic and have really sped up my workflow.

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    I wanted to love these

    Posted by Michele on 1st Oct 2019

    I was disappointed with these. I have yet to make them work the way I’d like. The everyday preset is ok. Maybe I am not doing something right? I’ve used it w both indoor and outdoor in various lighting. I’m just getting great results. I am using acr.

  • 5
    Really loving these presets

    Posted by Airon Mothershed on 8th Sep 2019

    I really love Meg's editing style and after following her for the past several years on Instagram, I have tried again and again to duplicate her style (or find one of my own similar to hers). After having spent hundreds of dollars in presets from other companies and being disappointed, I was pretty skeptical of these and wondered if they would be worth the money. However, after using these over the past couple of days, I will tell you they are amazing. Honestly. Even the photos I've taken in full sun work well with some of these presets. Get them. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

  • 5

    Posted by Chelsea Kozlinsky on 6th Sep 2019

    Just tried the Dawn presets today! They are BEAUTIFUL ! Easy to use, and required very minimal adjusting to the image. I would definitely recommend these presets !

  • 5
    Wow wow wow!

    Posted by Melissa Haugan on 6th Sep 2019

    As a photographer who typically hand edits her photos, I am blown away by these presets! With a single click, they instantly breathe life into an image. The Dawn Collection is a perfect anthology of meticulously balanced presets. Apply these to indoor images, low light, full sun, cloudy skies, colorful, muted, you name it- they look spectacular on an endless variety of styles! I personally love how they enhance the green and blue tones in my images. Everyday, Dutch Masters Warm, Midsummer Day, and the occasional use of Haze will all be taking a spot on my personal Lightroom list. I highly recommend these presets.! There is something for everyone to love in The Dawn Collection.