The Creative Traveler: Capturing Your Family's Adventures with Jess Swenson

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Capture your family’s adventures!

Come and adventure with world-traveler, Jess Swenson, as she shows you how to capture your family’s excursions during fast-paced travels, vacations, and day trips. Be inspired and learn step-by-step the process of observation, composition, and storytelling techniques to showcase your memories while still being present and enjoying the adventure. In an original eBook, Jess shares how to capture locations you’re seeing for the first time, tips and tricks for capturing your children on the go, and how to create compelling images that capture all aspects of a location. 

what you’ll get:


A beautiful guide detailing how to approach travel photography with an eye to capturing the heart of a place while creating compelling, storytelling images


Go behind the scenes with Jess to see how she captures day trips, including both nature and urban adventures


Watch how Jess culls her images to help identify quality over quantity to keep digital storage low, and how she removes unwanted objects within a frame

Bonus Editing Video that shows how Jess uses presets to streamline her post-processing process


A PDF with a recommended gear starter kit for capturing family adventures with a minimalist approach

A PDF field guide with a checklist of image ideas to capture in any given location to get the full story of a place

Discussion with Rachel Goble, a nonprofit practitioner, focusing on ethical storytelling for photographers when capturing different cultures and people around you

*Please note: All items in this listing are digital downloads that must be downloaded to a computer (you may transfer to an iPad after your original download to a computer).  Due to the nature of digital downloads, they are non-refundable.

what you’ll learn:


Creating strong storytelling images while on location that encapsulate the essence of wherever you are


Practical exercises to help you observe a new location or see an old location in new light as you rely on the tools of composition to capture your subject


Learn how to handle midday light during your adventures to create dynamic images in a variety of settings


Tips and tricks to help you be the most successful out in the field.


about your presenter

Jess is a studio newborn and birth photographer turned world traveler. After five years in business, she left her San Francisco suburban life to travel the world with her husband and three kids. Since then, she spends her free time hopping on planes and enjoying the outdoors, documenting her adventures along the way. While technically homeless, she’s based in Phoenix, Arizona and shares her family’s nomadic travels on Instagram here


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    Jess’s travels with her family are inspiring – and I say that as someone who travels a lot too, so I was super keen to read this Break Out!

    Posted by Kirsty Larmour on 8th Jul 2019

    She is so thorough in her approach to capturing her family as she goes that she will inspire anyone to get out and about and see the world. She talks through technical and creative sides of what she does to capture simply stunning images of the 5 of them as they globe trot. Jess also goes into depth about how she stays present and makes sure she doesn’t miss being part of her family’s memory making – and most importantly of all how she makes sure to get herself in the frame. I adore following her and am so completely delighted to get my hands on this!! It’s a perfect guide to accompany your summer travels.

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    What a great breakout!!

    Posted by Rebecca Hunnicutt Farren on 8th Jul 2019

    Jess has inspired me to be more thoughtful with my travel imagery while inspiring me to get out there and get adventuring. She even includes tips for shooting in full sun, and getting in the frame which is SO important. I love her signature family photos as well that she and her people have created all over the world. You’ll have to read the breakout to see what it is! It’s so inspirational. From preparation, to shooting, and all the way through her culling/editing/and storage process Jess was an open book. Don’t let your summer go by without checking out this fun action packed breakout.

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    This breakout is truly amazing!!

    Posted by Cheryle Broszeit on 8th Jul 2019

    Jess has put SO much into this breakout and it shows from the moment you start reading the introductory PDF. I have bought this breakout at the beginning with the intention to improve my skill before we are going away for vacation. There is smart information for travel shooting! The Creative Traveler fills tips and with all the new techniques I’ve learned I will using them for my coming vacation. The materials are amazing and provide so much information on the topic. Thank you so much Jess for all your hard work in putting this breakout together! I’m so glad I jumped right in and I have already learned SO much. I do believe I will be seeing moments everywhere in my travel with my family!

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    This has been such a fun breakout to work through!

    Posted by Airon Mothershed on 8th Jul 2019

    I loved seeing Jess’ photos of her family adventuring around the world. Our family stays pretty close to home (at least in this season of our life), and lately I’ve struggled with inspiration because it can be difficult to keep taking photos of daily adventures when they occur in repeat locations, over and over again. I bought this breakout in hopes that I might see our daily locations with a new eye. And, I really think I have. I haven’t quite finished the breakout yet, but I’ve already been out practicing some of the new tips I’ve learned — especially with photographing adventures in harsh light. I’m a Sony mirrorless shooter, and so there are a few areas where her tips on photographing certain things (with a dSLR) are just a bit different than my camera, but most principles are the same, and I still feel that it’s been very worth the money.

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    I was so happy to discover Jess and her photography through this breakout.

    Posted by Aviva on 8th Jul 2019

    I just finished going through it and love that she shares how to balance her photography/documentation with living in the moment and experience. I really enjoyed her ideas for composition and ethical storytelling. And her organization (culling and editing) are definitely ones to emulate. I learned a lot of new information and can’t wait to put it into practice on the next trip I go on.

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