The Bella Collection Action Set by Queen of Harts Photography

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This item will be retiring on 6/15/2020.

The Bella Collection was created by Amanda Hart.

 This versatile set includes 40 all new incredible actions plus my very popular sharpening brush as a bonus for a total of 41 actions! Included are classic clean edits, modern mattes and timeless film looks mixed with helpful fixes and add-ons to make all your workflow needs quick and easy. You will get 5 starter bases, 5 mattes, 5 creative touches, 5 tones & hazes, 4 black & whites, 5 fixes, 5 add-ons and 6 color correctors plus my very popular sharpening brush. All actions are easily adjustable so you can customize any of them to your liking. You can open your action group to turn layers on and off or adjust separate layer opacities to suit your needs. Mix and match, layer and stack to create your perfect look with endless possibilities.  

PLEASE READ:  Compatible with Cs4 or later, including Creative Cloud.  Not available for Elements.  This is an action set, it is not compatible with Lightroom. Due to the nature of the product, we are unable to issue refunds on digital downloads.

40 brand new actions plus 1 bonus sharpening action.

Starter Bases

  • Base- Basic clean base.
  • Clean Color- Clean base with color pop.
  • Clean Rich Color- Clean base with richness and color pop.
  • Dollface- Perfect for portraits, clean base with skin smoothing brush, sharpening brush and warmth all in one action.
  • Dazzled- Bright and warm clean base.


  • Wildflower- Warm matte.
  • Peaceful- Soft color film and matte.
  • Royal- Warm color pop and matte.
  • Pumpkin- Contrast, rich, warm matte.
  • Rebel- Rich, deep matte with slight warmth.

Creative Add-Ons

  • Hourglass- Pastel colors.
  • Sunstone- Sunny and hazy.
  • Washed- Filmy wash.
  • Washed II- Rich and colorful filmy wash.
  • Florist- Vibrant pastel colors with a slight filmy wash.

Tones & Hazes

  • Coffee Bean- Brown haze.
  • Rose Gold- Pink, sunny haze.
  • Forest- Green tone. Best painted on green backgrounds.
  • Flare- Red haze.
  • Peachy Keen- Peachy glowing tone.


  • Overexposed Fix- Great action to fix overexposed images and bring back details.
  • Underexposed Fix- Great action to fix underexposed images and brighten everything back up.
  • Highlight Fix- Bring details back into blown out highlights.
  • Too Cool Fix- Warming action, perfect for cooler toned images.
  • Too Warm Fix- Cooling action, perfect for images that are too warm.


  • Get Rich Quick- Add richness to dull images quickly.
  • Rich Color- Color pop.
  • Dreamy Blur- Brush on creamy blur to background.
  • Simply Matte- Simple matte topper to finish any image.
  • Baby Skin- Skin smoothing brush.

Black & Whites

  • Comic- Classic and basic
  • Ashes- Gray and matte
  • Raven- Rich and loaded with contrast
  • 1920- Vintage, brown/yellow toned

Tone Correctors

  • Magenta Hue Corrector- Corrects unwanted magenta tones
  • Green Hue Corrector- Corrects unwanted green tones
  • Cyan Hue Corrector- Corrects unwanted cyan tones
  • Red Hue Corrector- Corrects unwanted red tones
  • Blue Hue Corrector- Corrects unwanted blue tones
  • Yellow Hue Corrector- Corrects unwanted yellow tones


  • Sharpening Brush- *Due to popular demand it was asked that I add my sharpening brush to complete the set* Brush on sharpness to only the details you want to pop or brush over entire image.


Want to see Amanda using The Bella Collection actions?  She has made two great videos below:









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