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The Art of Authenticity: Telling Honest Stories About Real Life with Jessica Thomason

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    The Art of Authenticity - telling honest stories about real life

    Jessica Thomason is know for her ability to capture authentic, honest moments in her personal and client work. In this Breakout, she shares her approach to both in-home and on-location documentary sessions, walking you through her thought process when shooting for herself or for others. She also discusses techniques for achieving storytelling imagery that is both compelling and honest, and she explains why light isn’t everything. The Art of Authenticity challenges you to dig deep and discover the most sacred element of a photograph - the story it tells. 

    Bio: Jessica Thomason is a natural light, documentary photographer who loves telling stories with her lens. She believes that the most beautiful smiles are real ones and the best pictures are the ones that capture your real life – and that's what you’ll want to remember years from now.

    What you'll learn:
    The why, what and how of capturing authentic connections
    How Jessica approaches in home and outdoor client sessions
    Tips for working with clutter
    Tips for storytelling compositions
    Tips for capturing the decisive moment
    How to embrace and even celebrate imperfections
    Tips for editing authentic images
    Jessica's approach to selling authenticity

    What's included: 
    a 62 page PDF filled with inspiring images from Jessica's personal and client portfolio, 
    2 videos discussing Jessica's thought process and approach when shooting client sessions either in home or outdoors, 
    3 short Lightroom editing videos showing Jessica's color and black and white conversions (with and without presets)

    In Home Documentary Video

    An Image Review video from images submitted during the live Breakout session

    Q&A session

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    1. Best Breakout I have read!

      Jessica put so much time and thought into this breakout. Her exercises were so inspiring to get you into the right state of mind for documenting true moments. Having a peek into how she runs her sessions and what she does to help her clients interact with each other was so very helpful. I didn't see the mixed message like a previous reviewer stated. Jessica does go over lifestyle vs. documentary work and encourages you shoot the way you feel most comfortable. I have to agree with her that there needs to be some directing when you have a limited time with your clients. Reading this breakout changed the way I shoot in home sessions! If you love lifestyle and storytelling photography, then buy this breakout!! on 9th Jul 2015

    2. Thank Heaven!

      I really did enjoy this breakout. From the opening pages, when Jessica says she might as well sell her gear if the expectation is to clean every room before documenting her life, I could have reached through the screen and kissed her. I picked this up because I have been taking part in a 52 week project and had gotten really frustrated by the beautiful, but ultimately soulless photos I was seeing/making. I figured there must be more than just a pretty face. There's still so much for me to learn, but I'm going to use Jessica's techniques to find my own authenticity. And I also appreciated that she's not overly rigid on the documentary thing. If you walk away with nothing else (and you'll walk away with much more) you'll learn that real and beautiful are not mutually exclusive. on 20th May 2015

    3. mixed messages

      I am enamoured with storytelling images, and am I looking to absorb all I can find about them. I think Jessica's images are gorgeous, but her breakout was a little confusing. She spent the beginning talking about the difference between lifestyle and documentary photography, implying that she does the latter, but then later talks about how she directs and loosely poses her clients. It doesn't bother me that she does this - it bothers me that she went on about how she didn't do it, but then obviously does later.
      The pdf was rather scattered, but again, beautiful images. I just don't think I took much from it in the end.
      on 7th Mar 2015

    4. Authentic and beautiful

      The biggest lesson I took from Jessica is that life is not perfect. It is flawed, sometimes fantastically! She gave me a freedom to catch the moment without criticising it. Yes of course I will critique my photo but the contents of that photo are now real. on 7th Mar 2015

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