Slow Your Roll: Film Secrets for the Digital Shooter with Cami Turpin

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Love every single shot you take!

What is it about film photography that is so magical? It’s not just the gorgeous colors and luscious tones; shooting itself is different when you’re a film photographer. In this Breakout, Cami Turpin will show you how shooting film changed her approach to photography – even when she’s shooting with her digital camera. 

You’ll learn how to see and shoot more like a film photographer, to reproduce the look of film when editing your digital images, and to enjoy the process of making more intentional, more creative, more meaningful photos. Along the way, Cami will show you how to get started with film if you’d like to try it yourself! 

what you’ll get:


100+ page eBook on intentional, creative shooting

Supplemental Film Jumpstart PDF giving you everything you need to shoot your first roll of film


4 behind-the-scenes videos with client and personal sessions


Editing and culling videos with both digital and film images

Video showing you how to make your digital images look like film


“School Portraits that Don’t Suck” bonus PDF and shooting video

Video outlining how goals, planning, and setting boundaries can help you avoid burnout

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what you’ll learn:


Use film shooter’s strategies to improve your digital photography


Create more meaningful and intentional images by taking fewer shots


See how Cami uses lessons from film for high-volume digital school portrait work (and how she markets it!)


Try out film photography easily and inexpensively with videos and PDFs to take you through everything you need to know


Try creative techniques like freelensing, double exposures, ring of fire and more


Learn how to edit your digital photographs to match film images

about your presenter

Cami Turpin lives in Utah with her husband and four kids and shoots lifestyle family photography, fine art school portraits, and creative personal work on both digital and film. She was named one of the Clickin Moms 2019 Female Photographers To Watch and has been published in several photography magazines and blogs. Sometimes, out of the blue, something happens that suddenly and drastically changes your life. For Cami, it was a roll of film.

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  • 5

    Posted by Marybeth Hancher on 19th Aug 2019

    I don’t know what I was expecting from this breakout- maybe some tips, tricks, and inspiration to slow the heck down and possibly something to give me that extra nudge to load up some film- but what Cami provided here is a full blown course with numerous videos, MULTIPLE information packed PDFs that are not just incredibly insightful but also hilarious. ;) You get presets, editing tips, etc. Even more so, she has convinced me through this course that I actually can shoot film and it not be money down the toilet, so I finally dusted off my 35mm film camera that I shelved years ago in “fear” and am super excited to send my roll off to the lab. Oh, and she makes it easy to know exactly what to tell the lab which always has thrown me for a loop. She not only has encouraged me in this class (and GETS me, which quite frankly is very hard to come by!), but in this short time I’ve already noticed that I have less of an urge to shoot my digitals wildly and with fingers crossed in hopes that I got *the* shot and have slowed WAAAY down- turns out, I can tell a good story in just 36 shots. Who woulda thunk it? ;) Amazing breakout! Thanks for this one, Cami! (And the shutter on my camera thanks you for extending its lifespan, too. *wink*)

  • 5
    This breakout is AMAZING!

    Posted by Laura Pyle on 19th Aug 2019

    The information is presented in a thoughtful, logical manner and in such a friendly, positive tone. So many tips and techniques and examples, but what Cami really provides, in my opinion, is a way to really ENJOY photography … her exercises really do make you slow down, which made more of a difference than I ever could have imagined. I recommend this breakout wholeheartedly!!!

  • 5
    This breakout has been amazing!

    Posted by Christina Smalley on 19th Aug 2019

    I feel like Cami just gets the craziness of life and how photography can both take over your life, or take a big back seat in certain seasons. Her breakout has been able to help me feel ok with whatever season I am in, but also look at ways to improve both my photography life and persona life. This breakout has helped me to think about being more intentional in my shooting, so I can be more present both in the moment and later when I could be editing 100’s of photos. I have been wanting to get back into shooting film and Cami makes it look easy and her work is both inspiring and breathtaking. Honestly, so glad I took this breakout! Thank you Cami!