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Simple. Unique. Beautiful. : Newborns with Jenni Jones

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    This item will retire on 2/17/18.

    Jenni Jones is known for her soft, beautiful newborn images. Join Jenni as she walks you through every facet of her newborn sessions, from beginning to end. In this Breakout, Jenni breaks down everything she does and why, from client interaction to on-location setups to session workflow and final gallery.  She will also discuss how she achieves her beautiful macro and prop shots and includes a video detailing her process for preparing 3 different props, providing tips on how you can do the same!  With over an hour of editing videos, you can watch as she transforms her images, step by step, with creative processing. 


    What You'll Learn:

    *Jenni’s session workflow

    *Tips on how to achieve beautiful macro, prop, and posed images

    *How and why Jenni sets up the way she does for a newborn session

    *How to pack props for a refined, flawless look

    *How Jenni processes her images

    *Tips for finding your style & your ideal client 


    What’s Included:

    *62 page PDF that covers Jenni’s newborn sessions end-to-end, filled with tips, tricks, and the “hows” and “whys” behind everything she does

    *26 page updated PDF (updated 11/1/16)

    *Jenni's deep matte action (added 11/1/16)

    *Setup video – Jenni shows you how she sets up for a newborn session and why 

    *Prop video – Jenni illustrates how she prepares and packs her props to give them a polished look

    *3 editing videos

    *Q&A video

    *Numerous tips and exercises to help you find your style, your ideal client, and create beautiful newborn portraits

    *Client Questionnaire

    *Client Contract (with permission to use Jenni’s wording)

    *Ideal Client Profile worksheet

    *Session/Shooting Checklist

     *Please note: All items in this listing are digital downloads that must be downloaded to a computer (you may transfer to an iPad after your original download to a computer).  Due to the nature of digital downloads, they are non-refundable.


    Jenni's Bio: 

    Jenni Jones is a part-time photographer and full time digital marketer in Austin, TX, with a master’s degree in business.  Armed with her Nikon D800 and various prime lenses, she brings a soft, earthy feel to her newborn and maternity images. She is mother to two shockingly handsome dogs, and is a self-proclaimed dork with an uncanny ability to find humor in just about everything.



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    1. This breakout helped me so much!

      I watch it before every newborn shoot I do to send me off with confidence and great ideas. on 7th May 2016

    2. Loved!

      Jenni had such great information, excited to put it all into practice! Highly recommend! on 4th Oct 2015

    3. amazing!

      I loved this breakout so much! The videos, particularly the editing videos, made this breakout a great value for the money. I learned so much about photoshop through watching these videos. If you are exclusively a Lr user, know that Jenni does not work in Lr. on 9th Aug 2014

    4. A must have for newborn photographers!

      This breakout is amazing! Jenni is a rockstar and is so detailed in the information she provides. I learned so much from the pdf and videos and find myself going back to the breakout before every newborn session I have. Each time I take away something new! This is one of my all time favorite breakouts! on 19th Jul 2014

    5. Simply Amazing!

      I absolutely have loved this breakout, and I keep referring back for ideas from everything to what to put in my email to clients who inquire with me, to prop preparation, to packaging! This breakout would be absolutely perfect for anyone who is involved in newborn photography at any level, and regardless of other classes taken on the subject. I am positive that anyone who purchases this will learn something new! Jenni is incredibly generous with the knowledge she shares, and it would be a good investment at a much higher price! on 16th Jul 2014

    6. Amazing!!

      This breakout is packed with invaluable information that goes way beyond posing. I have purchased a lot of Breakout sessions, and this is definitely a favorite! The videos are awesome too, and answered a lot of questions for me, especially when it comes to preparing props! This is a no-brainer!!! on 9th Jun 2014

    7. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

      It's very difficult for me to find words as to how much I love this BO, and that's saying a lot. It is so informative. The lighting, posing, and set ups techniques she outlines in detail are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. But not only that, something she said turned on a bright light in my head about my own style. So not only did she walk me through what's needed for a successful newborn session, she has armed me with the knowledge of how to make it MY OWN. Invaluable. Thanks, Jenni! on 8th Jun 2014

    8. Amazing!

      If you have ever thought about newborn photography this is the BO for you! Jenni pours her heart into this breakout. It's so beautifully laid out and the amount of information she provides is unbelievable! She goes through her entire process from inquiry to sale. Jenni shares the vendors she uses, how she perceives her ideal client (and form to help us), tips on the poses she does,packaging, and her amazing macro work. Not to mention her editing videos and how she sets up her bean bag and props. This BO is filled with information. I highly recommend this! It has already helped in so many ways! on 8th Jun 2014

    9. Want to shoot Newborns? You need this BO!

      I LOVED this break out and I still refer back to it. So far I have bought every break out on newborns and the full newborn course here on CM. I have bought numerous ones from Creative Live too...but this one stands out. Jenni makes you think BEYOND the pose. It is about the experience, from top to bottom. She makes you think about your style, how you come across to clients. She identifies your image and preps you with great little tips here and there. In short it is awesome. It is a perfect supplement if you have or have not taken the Newborn 207. on 7th Jun 2014

    10. MUST HAVE!

      This is an absolute steal at $60. I am a studio light newborn photographer and still learned heaps from this. I would highly recommend it to anyone in this genre. Jenni is to the point, accurate and very honest. I absolutely adore her teaching style. A must have for anyone who photographs newborns. The set-up videos were my favorite as Jenni goes over exactly how to prepare props, which I wasn't quite getting right. With newborn photography it is all in details, which Jenni is a master of. What's awesome is that Jenni tells all and has no ego. She is a pleasure!!! Just buy it. :D on 5th Jun 2014

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