Room by Room: Simple Natural Light Portraits in the Home with D'Ann Boal

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Learn to use the light in your home to create simple & beautiful portraits!

Living Room Portraits: Create elegant portraits and beautiful quiet-time photos by using a single window in your living room.

Bedroom Environmentals: Bedrooms are the perfect place for environmental portraits. We’ll talk about how to get beautiful natural light photos in these smaller rooms that often only have a window or two.

Kitchen Portraits: Learn how and where to set up your camera and a tripod in your kitchen to get portraits and timeless moments in your kitchen.

Garage Portraits: Did you know your garage makes an incredible natural light studio? Learn how to make simple, beautiful headshots with nothing but a camera, your subject, and your garage. Then get creative and use the concrete floor as a simple background.

Natural Light Bubble Bath Shoot: Most bathrooms are wall-to-wall natural reflectors. We’ll do a natural light bubble bath shoot (and talk about getting creative with edits after the fact!)

Table Lamp Portraits: Learn how to use a standard table lamp to create calming portraits even after the sun has gone down (or in rooms where you have no window light!)

what you’ll get:


A 30 page guide to the light and angles that you will see D'Ann use in the shooting videos.

Behind the Scenes Videos
  • 6 Shooting Videos
  • 1 Gear Video
  • 6 Editing Videos

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In 2003 D’Ann Boal graduated with a master’s degree in education, but it wasn’t until her son was born and they moved to the Caribbean that she picked up a camera and never looked back. Photographing their quiet life by the sea inspired her photography journey. Today she runs a photography boutique specializing in newborn, child and family photography. Living on a farm in Colorado with her husband, son and daughter, she is inspired by capturing the light and magic of her children’s lives. She treasures her daily cup of jasmine tea, hikes with family, and long swims in the sunshine.