Real Life: Capturing life's moments as only you can with Rebecca Wyatt

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This breakout is for anyone and everyone looking to make photographs that truly hold the moments of their life as they were lived.  Go behind the scenes with Rebecca Wyatt to find out how she uncovered her deepest reasons for shooting & the elements that make “real life” images extraordinary. You’ll learn how she captures daily life at any time of day, manages challenging lighting situations, and composes for maximum impact without directing or interfering with her subjects. Discover how to bring your vision to the decisive moments of your life and gain the confidence and ability to create the photographs you alone were born to make.


what you’ll get:


220 page PDF


Morning at the Bus Stop: Shooting & editing discussion

Day in the Life Session: Walkthrough The Story Behind the Image


Midday Sun Video What's In Rebecca's Bag Video


Interview with Virginia Greuloch of The Good Life Photography Rebecca's sources of inspiration


Bonus shooting tool for on-the-go white balance

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what you’ll learn


That knowing yourself and your “Big Why” are essential to creating images that speak to your heart and capture your audience’s attention.


The tools to explore your identity as an artist, understand your “Big Why” and write a mission statement for your work.


How to approach family photography, both personal and client work, so that your authentic vision resonates throughout your images.


Rebecca’s approach to documentary photography, including how she navigates the difficult lighting situations of bright mid-day sun and artificial indoor light.


Essential composition techniques for your storytelling images including layering.


How to anticipate and capture just the right moments to tell your story.


Rebecca Wyatt is a former attorney turned mom to four who discovered her passion for photography during her early years of motherhood. Based in Baltimore, Maryland she is now a child and family photographer committed to documenting the adventures of family life. Shying away from the scripted and posed, she aims to capture life just as it is, knowing that for her real moments will always trump the contrived. She believes that our best work as photographers comes from knowing and accepting our true selves and allowing ourselves to be seen through our photographs.

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    This is the first breakout I’ve done and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!

    Posted by Christine Graham on 6th Nov 2017

    I didn’t really know what to expect from the materials since it was my first one but I was blown away. Not only was the technical information well thought out and presented, but the self discovery aspect that Rebecca outlines was the best part for me. Had I not purchased this breakout, I don’t think I would have ever thought to look inward before looking outward through my camera. I’ve done a lot of other online photography courses and none were as powerful and meaningful as this one. So many of us, me included, search and search for that one technique or that one hint or filter or edit that will make our photography turn into what we envision. I’m so grateful to Rebecca for making that internal self-discovery an important part of her breakout. For me that was the critical piece that was missing in my photography that I didn’t even know I should look for. Rebecca has a fantastic way of writing the information that was both informative, easy to understand and for me she was very easy to relate to. Thank you so much Rebecca.

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    Rebecca put together a truly remarkable breakout.

    Posted by Deanna Abrams on 6th Nov 2017

    She gave me the tools to begin thinking at a higher level about who I am as a photographer and why I photograph. Her in-depth exercises are tools that I will continue to use for months and years to come. Rebecca also provided wonderful detailed information about all aspects of documentary photography. Her process was straight forward, broken down, and easy to understand. The images throughout the breakout are inspiring and the editing videos were extremely helpful. I know I will use many of the tools from this breakout as I continue my photography journey. Thank you Rebecca for a fantastic breakout!

  • 5
    This breakout has been fabulous.

    Posted by allexandra on 6th Nov 2017

    It’s a great foundation for documentary photography. The PDF is extensive and the bonus materials are worth well beyond the price of this BO! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to try documentary with their family!