"Pick 3" Video Program Bundle: Click Away 2014

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Couldn't make it to Click Away 2014 or want more from this one-of-a-kind conference? We recorded some of the best education and inspiration from 17 unique programs.

Watch Sue Bryce give you an inside look at her photography philosophy. Experience Joy Prouty's heartwarming and moving tale of her unique adventure. And let Kristen Cook teach you how to open yourself up to the perfection of the imperfection.

These recorded programs - each rich with practical learning and insight - cover topics we all can't get enough of - babies, children and families, live shooting demos, posing and lighting, and finding your unique style. Let these amazing Click Away presenters teach, inspire, and help you take the next step in your photography journey!

"Pick 3" is a Build-Your-Own-Bundle product that allows you to customize your own unique bundle of 3 video programs from 2014 Click Away.  Who better to personalize your own bundle, than you?  Browse the recorded Click Away programs below and choose your 3 favorites for just $99!    

Can't pick just 3?  You always have the option to purchase all 17 recorded programs in our bundled product: Volumes 1 & 2 Video Program Bundle: Click Away 2014. (Please Note: there are seperate listings for these video products...please choose wisely, as downloadable materials are NON-REFUNDABLE!).

This product listing is for "Pick 3" Video Program Bundle: Click Away 2014.

Click Away Video Program Catalog:

Dream Big with Joy Prouty: In this heartwarming talk, Joy gives you a raw and honest look into her unique adventure - seeking balance with motherhood, marriage, creativity, photography, self-discovery and her continual journey towards the simple life. Joy believes in challenging you to dig deep to carve out your own niche that will allow you to be fulfilled as a woman, artist, and visual storyteller.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 32 minutes)

Lifestyle Newborn Photography with Alicia Gould: Go behind the scenes on a lifestyle newborn photo shoot with Alicia Gould. Watch as Alicia sets up,  directs mom, poses baby, and makes the most of the available light and environment - all while using a single room for the whole session. This video is a must-watch for anyone wanting a detailed, inside-look at newborn shooting.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 36 minutes)

Natural Posing Techniques for High School Senior Portraiture with Michelle Moore:  Michelle is celebrated for her ability to capture beautiful and natural looking poses with her high school seniors, no matter how shy or outgoing the client. In this outdoor shooting demo, Michelle teaches you her skills and tips for posing high school seniors on-location in natural light.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 07 minutes)

Children's Natural Light Photography with Marissa Gifford: Follow along with Marissa Gifford as she demonstrates her shooting workflow with children. Learn her favorite tricks for eliciting natural expressions and connecting with young subjects. Marissa shows you how she gets a wide variety within a short window of time and she'll also share her tried-and-true secrets for reigning in uncooperative subjects.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 25 minutes)

Family Session Flow with Elena S. Blair:  Watch family photographer Elena Blair as she directs an outdoor family session and get a firsthand look at how her sessions typically flow. Learn tips and tricks to stay in control during a family session so you can produce a gallery full of timeless images.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 01 minutes)

The Perfection of Imperfection: Newborn and Baby Photography with Kristen Cook: Join award-winning newborn and baby photographer Kristen Cook as she teaches you how to evoke feeling with imagery and open yourself to the perfection of the imperfect. This video provides some essential basics and gives you permission to explore, make mistakes, and embrace each future baby session with confidence.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 33 minutes)

Composing a Creative Life with Megan Squires: Join photographer and author Megan Squires as she shares ways to infuse your life with creativity and bring out the creative heart within you by exploring the imaginations of children you capture through your lens. Megan shares her secrets for how to keep and maintain that creative spirit alive when your dreams become our professions or when criticisms may cause you to second guess your path.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 29 minutes)

Master the Art of Lifestyle Photography with Your Own Children with Courtney Slazinik:  Join Courtney Slazinik from Click It Up a Notch as she shares how to use lifestyle photography to capture those important everyday moments. From lighting to composition, you'll learn different techniques to create images you will cherish for years to come.

(approx. length: 45 minutes)

Making the Most of Indoor Natural Light with Allison McSorley:  Watch Clickin Moms' workshop instructor and Mentor Allison McSorley share her secrets for finding, manipulating, and executing indoor directional light to create memorable and compelling images. Learn how to complement the mood in any space to effectively tell your story and capture beautiful images.

(approx. length: 47 minutes)

More than the Pose with Sue Bryce: In a heartfelt address that is sure to move you, glamour photographer Sue Bryce will deliver an inside look at her photography philosophy. While Sue demonstrates how to make a woman feel beautiful in front of a camera, she also shares how to make a woman feel beautiful away from the camera.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 15 minutes)

When the Golden Hour Isn't Practical: Family Shoot with Melissa Stottmann: What happens when the sun sets too late for our littlest subjects or if a family can only squeeze in a mid-day session? Join Delaware photographer Melissa Stottmann for an outdoor family shooting demonstration on finding ideal light in less than ideal circumstances.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 08 minutes)

Newborn Photography with Jenni Jones:  Want to know everything there is to know about how Jenni Jones approaches her newborn sessions? In this class, Jenni walks through newborn sessions, start to finish, from the first client contact to final gallery delivery. Receive detailed guidance on the how’s and, more importantly, the why's behind everything Jenni does for her newborn clients.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 02 minutes)

Posing Children with Sarah Vasquez:  Follow along on an urban outdoor children's photo shoot with Sarah Vasquez. Watch how Sarah poses and interacts wtih children for editorial style compositions, storytelling, and connection with the photographic audience. 

(approx. length: 57 minutes)

Making Magic with Every Lens with Lissa Chandler:  Are you mesmerized by photographs with crazy bokeh, unexpected depths of field, and interesting foreground textures? Join Lissa Chandler on an outdoor evening photo shoot with a young couple and high school senior and see how Lissa uses Tilt Shift and other specialty lenses, shoots through the unexpected, and creates magic in her photographs.

(approx. length: 40 minutes)

Photoblogging and Real Life: The New Commercial Photography with Rachel Devine:  Professional photographer and blogger Rachel Devine of Sesame Ellis delivers a powerful talk that addresses both the heartstrings and the purse strings of sharing your life openly online. Rachel has grown with the ever evolving photography industry and carved out a new commercial niche by blogging her funny, raw and honest moments. Rachel will cover all the topics from pricing for commercial photography, simplified workflow, shooting stories with purpose, and even dealing with trolls.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 16 minutes)

Light and the Environmental Portrait with Michelle Turner:  Michelle Turner, creator of myriad successful environmental portraits, demonstrates how to use natural light, off camera flash, and a blend of the two to create dynamic images in any light. Michelle shares poses that work in both natural and created light, how to make the most of the light you have and when to add another light source, quick and easy equipment choices, and a start-to-finish demonstration that demystifies off camera flash.

(approx. length: 1 hour 31 minutes)

Photographing Families: Getting the Parents on Your Side with Lisa Tichane:  Photographers tend to look for tips and tricks that instantly convince kids to cooperate during a family session. But what if the key to family portraiture was in fact to manage the parents, not the kids? French photographer Lisa Tichane shares how to successfully prepare parents before a session, and how to tactfully guide them through the process so that the result is a smooth, stress-free session with happy parents and kids. Get parents on your side, and family photo sessions will flow!

(approx. length: 52 minutes)




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