Photography on the Fly with Kirsty Larmour

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Kirsty Larmour is a lifestyle photographer who focuses on telling the stories of the lives of her clients and her own children as she travels the world. She suffers from extreme wanderlust and loves to capture the essence of a place wherever she goes.

In this Breakout she’ll take you through how she looks for great light and compositions no matter who she’s photographing, or where she is, and how she captures emotion and environment to take the viewer right into that moment in time. She’ll share through her thought process in weighing up a scene so that she can be present in these moments, wherever in the world they are. She will guide you through her gear and camera setting choices and how they help her to make intuitive decisions when taking photos. She’ll talk you through how she engages with and encourages her subjects to capture authentic moments and carefree wonder in her images. The sections are broken down into bite sized chunks so that you can slowly work through all the different elements that combine to make compelling and truthful images. Kirsty’s Breakout is full of inspiring imagery from her travels and her client sessions, and she will help you to believe in your own ability to capture the authentic moments in your life anywhere.

In the videos you’ll get a chance to see how Kirsty works as she talks through what she was seeing and doing whilst making photos.

Kirsty’s thought process allows her to literally, photograph on the fly and will help you to do the same. Whether you’re photographing beautiful clients, your kids in your own back yard, your annual family vacation, or globe trotting like Kirsty, she will lead you on a journey to make your own photography become more intuitive, so that you can soak up the moments no matter where YOU are!


• How to create strong compositions quickly
• When to incorporate elements of the environment into your storytelling
• How to work with light at any time of the day and assess it accurately
• How to capture the essence of a place as you travel
• Learn to recognize opportunities for great photos, whilst also capturing the all important everyday moments
• How to encourage and engage clients or your children in picture taking
• Waiting for the right moment so that your pictures are about what YOU want them to be about
• How to trust yourself and the process so that it becomes intuitive
• How to infuse YOU into your photos no matter where you are
• Staying in the moment and being present so that you enjoy the beautiful moments rather than just observing from behind a camera


A PDF covering how Kirsty photographs varied subjects and environments no matter where in the world she is

Exercises to help you to include your environment in your photos in different situations

Videos with clients – both indoor and outdoor sessions showing how Kirsty assesses an unknown location and difficult lighting situations

Video of Kirsty shooting in full sun in a crowded tourist spot followed up by how she culls and edits those photos in her signature style

Video with background on some of Kirsty’s favorite images, how she shot and edited them, what her intent was, and the stories that they tell

Bonus PDF on travel photography

Q&A Video

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Kirsty Larmour is a British lifestyle photographer based out of Abu Dhabi in the UAE. She is a nomad at heart and can be found documenting both her clients’ lives, and her own family when they are at home in the Middle East and further afield while globe trotting through places from Uzbekistan to Cambodia, and many lands in between. Her photography often involves taking pictures of her own daughters’ backs as they adventure through life (and temples, souks and rice paddies or over sand dunes). Kirsty’s approach to photography is to be present in real life moments and capture them with a little sparkle on top fueled by her obsession with pretty light.

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  • 5

    Posted by Bethany Grace on 2nd May 2017

    Photography On the Fly is a fantastic breakout! I have taken many breakouts within the past few years, and I'm 110% sure Kirsty Larmour's will be the one I will be going back to most...again and again.
    Kirsty teaches how to do something I've been striving to do within my own photography--how to master the juggle between capturing a memory quickly and efficiently...while also being present; and she explains in such perfect depth. Bravo.
    She put so much information into this breakout...information that has taken me a very long time to hunt down and pull together. Information that is so important for those wishing to create beautiful photos, while also capturing meaningful stories and moments-- for ourselves, our future generations, and our clients.

    Now, the videos are my favorite part of this breakout. I am amazed by Kirsty's stamina during these long videos and the fact that EVERYTHING she says is filled with an enormous amount of passion and excitement. Her relaxed and gung ho attitude is contagious, to say the least.
    Hearing her chat through the whys and the hows of her work gives me so many AhHa moments, and answers questions I have had for quite some time.
    She is also very present in the forum, which is great and just reaffirms her passion and excitement.

    I am impressed and inspired by Kirsty Larmour's breakout, and I'm very sure you will be too, regardless if you are just beginning your photography journey or have been on said journey for a long time.

    Thank you Kirsty, for being such a humongous inspiration for myself and so many others.

  • 5

    Posted by Julia Whale on 2nd May 2017

    This has to be one of the best breakouts I've bought so far. It's FULL of useful tips and tricks that will keep you busy with note taking for hours. I love the fact it covers a variety of shoots ie newborn shoot, a family shoot AND photography when travelling, which really highlights Kirsty's rounded knowledge as a photographer. She's clear, thorough, open and honest throughout the whole breakout, and you won't want to take a break from it!

    Kirsty has been inspiring me for some years now and I finally got to meet her in person a few months ago. Not only is she an incredibly talented photographer, she's also a beautiful person inside and out who you can listen and chat to for hours. Thank you Kirsty for sharing so much of your knowledge and expertise!

  • 5
    Such a Fantastic Breakout!!

    Posted by Amanda on 13th Dec 2016

    Kirsty has been an inspirational photographer to me for years now and I was so excited when this breakout was released!! There is such a wealth of information in the pdf and the videos were perfect, especially in teaching confidence to just embrace different conditions, surroundings and make the most of many situations we will be faced with when photographing on the fly! Kirsty, your love affair with light and your girls just shines through and pushes us all to capture those beautiful moments that happen along our journeys.

    I would highly recommend this to any photographer, beginner or professional. You will learn SO much! Thank-you Kirsty for such an incredible breakout!!

  • 5
    Loved Kirsty´s breakout!

    Posted by Isabel Posadas on 21st Nov 2016

    Kirsty´s breakout was awesome! I was blown away by the amount of information she shared.

    There was an extensive PDF and videos which were very informative and helpful with a twist of fun too! I specially enjoyed seeing her in action and understanding how she captures her breathtaking images.

    The way she works with light is wonderful and impressive and she teaches how to deal with it in any type of light situation.

    I am so happy I bought this breakout. Kirsty not only shares her knowledge as a photographer and gives lots of tips that help improve your own style, but inspires you through her stories and experiences of her family travels around the world and every day life.

    Thank you so much Kirsty!

  • 5

    Posted by Susan on 2nd Aug 2016

    This was excellent. Kristey's experience with direct sun was just what I needed to see. Her style is great and her ability to teach is well done. Worth the money.

  • 5
    Kirsty’s travels have captured my attention now for years!

    Posted by Andrea Ferenchik on 14th Jul 2016

    The way that she captures her children all over the world will stop you in your tracks. Not all of us will be able to travel the world like she does but all of us can capture our children in our everyday environment with a little more thought and come away with hugely different photos. I LOVED seeing some familiar pictures but hearing the thought process behind them as well as descriptions of why they work (whether it be lighting, composition, color, etc.) It was also extremely interesting to hear what gear she uses and her thoughts on editing on the fly. I would HIGHLY recommend this course whether you will be traveling or just traveling around your home town. You are sure to take something away whether you are a seasoned pro or new to the art. I found myself mesmerized by the pictures and envisioning what I want to do when I visit Rio in a few short months. This breakouts has been inspirational.

  • 5
    Taking Kirsty’s BO was like having a free ticket to Dubai with her by your side as you dive into the world of Travel Photography.

    Posted by Lesley Martin on 14th Jul 2016

    Why wasn’t this around for me when I started my journey?
    Travel as a genre is a tad misleading. It is actually all encompassing and teaches on several different aspects of shooting, including being very quick at it. This is why this BO is for everyone. Personally, I travel with more gear, but find Kristy’s approach so refreshing that I might revisit a few things regarding my travel setup. I appreciate the minimalistic way she approaches her adventures.

    A lot of times I feel I over analyze things. I like her 10 seconds rule to set the image and move on. Kirsty is spot on with how she works with people, both clients and during her excursions. I absolutely LOVE how she is giving her children such an amazing education on the road and documenting it through her work. What I would have given to go back in time and capture those moments with my kids.

    Kirsty emphasizes that travel photography encompasses much more than the landscape variety. Incredible visual stories are missed if you focus only on landscapes. I enjoy following Kirsty’s adventures because she captures authentic stories from multiple visual and emotional angles.

    The last take away I gleaned from Kirsty’s BO is that I can apply similar approaches to capturing images of my children, which are now young adults. All people, from young to old, represent wonderful opportunities for photographic storytelling.

    There are endless nuggets of awesomeness throughout “Photography on the Fly”!

    Thanks so much, Kirsty, for sharing so how you make such wonderful images on the fly!

  • 5
    Amazing Breakout

    Posted by Edeena Cross (naughtsncrosses) on 1st Jul 2016

    Kirsty does an amazing job with this breakout - she is thorough, she gives you amazing examples, and her information is superb. Absolutely worth every cent - you will LOVE what you learn in this breakout!