More than a Snapshot with Maria Manco

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In this breakout Maria Manco shares her approach to photographing her own children in and around their home in an honest and authentic way. She will walk you through her thought process and share how she uses light, composition and the decisive moment to best capture her family. Maria is an open book, sharing what she has learned so far in her journey.


• how to expose for light
• how to shoot indoors with hard light, soft light, backlight and artificial light
• how to choose the right moment to capture, when to sit back and observe and when to jump in and be more involved
• how to use different perspectives and compositions to best tell the story
• how to keep things fresh when shooting in your home every day


119 page PDF

Bonus PDF on making money with clients and stock

45 min of shooting, culling, and editing videos including a video tour of Maria’s home as she follows the light throughout the day

Q & A video

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Maria Manco is natural light lifestyle photographer in Cleveland, Ohio. A stay-at-home who found her passion for photography after her first child was born 5 years ago. She loves capturing the every day moments and connections of family and home.

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    Learned so much

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Jul 2017

    Unlike many of the mothers on this website, I work full time and my house is tiny and I have little light to work with. I have no choice but to focus on indoor/lifestyle photography the majority of the time. Don't get me wrong, I love doing that, but I really needed this break out to help me figure out how best to do that. She had WONDERFUL tips of maximizing the light in my house and the best way to take indoor photos of my children. I am so glad that it was worth every penny.

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    I loved reading through this breakout and I’m excited to put some of my learning into practise.

    Posted by Shayla on 18th Jan 2017

    Even though I’ve worked as a photographer in the past, I’ve always been terrible at getting my dslr out to photograph my own children. I made a promise to myself to change this in 2017 and this breakout has been the perfect place to start for me! It was really good to get back to basics, and learn more about light by watching Maria photograph her own children and actually seeing first hand how she utilises light in her own home. Maria has been an open book and made all the information really easy to digest! Love your work Maria, it truly is so inspiring and meaningful. Thank you for sharing your talents!!!♥♥♥

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    Posted by Brittany Graham on 18th Jan 2017

    I have long been a fan of Maria’s work and now I am hooked even more. I love how conscious she is of each shot and “seeing” the images through her eyes has me looking at my own home in a completely different manner. I honestly wasn’t sure how much I would get from this breakout, but again, being a huge Maria Manco fan, I had to give it a go and I am truly blown away. From both a technical stand point and an inspirational standpoint, “More Than Just a Snapshot” is well worth it for every photographer. I love trying new little tricks as well as challenging myself to see in a new light and Maria offers plenty of both. I have officially been re-inspired. Thank you, Maria!!!

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    "More than a snapshot“ is a wonderful break-out not only for beginners and intermediates.

    Posted by Marianne Ullmann on 18th Jan 2017

    I can take away a lot for my own practice, for example Maria´s way of observing and waiting instead of overshooting as so many photographers do (including myself). Maria is a very kind teacher and she tries to comment on as many pictures as possible in the forums although she wouldn´t have to in a break-out. In her comments she always focuses on the strong points of the pictures and on the achievements but also on things which could be improved. I find this mixture extremely helpful as I´m not always self-confident about my pictures.
    The materials in this course are very informative and also nice to look at (Maria included really gorgeous pictures!). I got the impression that Maria really tried to put as much of her expertise in it as possible. What I also appreciate very much are the many links to other photographers work and workshops that one can find in the materials. So Maria not only shares her expertise but also a bit of the way in which she got to the point where she is now as a photographer.
    That the presets which Maria uses in her work and a workshop which she recommends were both available at a reduced price at the time the break-out had just started, made me wonder a bit but I´m aware that photography is a big business in which photographers have to hold together to sell their products. Which are really great in this case :-)