Mood & the Story of Light

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When does a photo become art? How do you capture not just a subject but a feeling?

In this new breakout, Samantha McBride will reveal how Mood & Light make all the difference. You’ll receive practical techniques for achieving mood, a detailed outline of her favorite light, explanation of how she applies “intentional artistry” for meaningful imagery in both personal and client work, and walkthroughs of her entire process from concept to editing. This breakout will show you how to beautifully weave together light and story, challenge you to let more of your inner world out, and take your work to the next level, no matter where you are in your photography journey.

What's Included:

EXCLUSIVE EBOOK:  211 page e-book that demonstrates the concepts of Mood & Light, plus reflection prompts to encourage inner exploration along the way

2 SHOOTING VIDEOS: Golden Hour Session Video of Samantha photographing a real client at one of her favorite locations; Bonus Beach Shooting Video with two sessions (professional and personal)

4 EDITING VIDEOS: Videos outline Samantha’s processing workflow; Bonus video on Underwater Editing

LIGHTROOM PRESETS: “The Golden Collection,” an exclusive Lightroom preset pack available only to Breakout Participants

INSPIRATION GUIDE: Samantha's “Masters of Mood” guide includes additional photos and insights from leading photographers

BONUS Q&A: Recorded Q&A video from student questions during the live run of the breakout

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What You'll Learn:
Learn to recognize the inherent story that lies within light and watch how Samantha uses light for storytelling in all of her work.
Walk through Samantha’s process for editing and see how and why she loves playing with tones
Discover the rules Samantha loves to break most often and why.
Get specific tips for posing, with emotion & connection as the goal.
Learn how to translate your inner world to outward artistic expression.
What is mood? Find out how to see it, how apply it, and the difference between “mood” and “moodiness” in imagery.
Samantha will share both her biggest mistakes and the game-changers along the way that helped her grow.
Understand how to distinguish “documentation” from “expression” while allowing room for both.
Separate fulfillment from success, and gain the confidence to avoid ego traps and insecurity.
About the presenter:
Samantha McBride is a photographer based in Jacksonville, Florida whose work focuses on life’s meaningful connections. A former writer and advertising firm owner, Samantha’s passion for storytelling comes through in her photography, which has been featured by Click Magazine, MILK Magazine, Lemonade & Lenses, Feature Shoot, Red Tricycle, The Long Way Home and many others. In addition to being a family photographer, she is a contributor to Offset and Adobe Premium, and a photography writer and educator. When not working, Samantha can be found chasing her twin toddlers, swimming with her older boys and getting out on adventures with them all as often as possible! Visit Samantha McBride on Instagram @SamanthaMcBridePhoto and

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  • 5
    Loved it

    Posted by Alicia Hanson on 15th Nov 2017

    This is only the second breakout I’ve taken and I really liked it. It was really informative and there was a lot of information to soak up. I especially loved the included pdf. I have recommended this to several people and I will revisit it again. Thanks so much Click &Co!

  • 5
    I was really close to passing on this one.

    Posted by Claire on 22nd Sep 2017

    It looked beautiful, but I’ve been on a breakout tear lately and was frankly a little burnt out. I’m so glad I crumbled and got it anyway! It’s been a wonderful breath of fresh air and it’s definitely helped me dig a little deeper into what kind of photos I want to take. This breakout helped me FEEL the reason I want to take better photos and have the feeling of the moment take centre stage.

    The e book is full of wonderful, inspiring images, though you probably already know that. But what you may not get from perusing the breakout information page is just how much effort she puts into helping you find your own inspiration. There are thoughtful journal prompts and just so many thoughtful little tips throughout the e book and in the shooting and editing videos. She gives you every opportunity to climb inside her head and walk around in there to see exactly how she creates her gorgeous images. And she’s sweet as a peach. You can feel her personality on every page. I’m so grateful I picked this one up! It’s definitely one to revisit again and again.

  • 5
    Oh my GAH, this breakout is FULL of tips to help guide you to find your style with the journal prompts throughout the pdf.

    Posted by Daidra on 22nd Sep 2017

    Samantha doesn’t hold back at all when it comes to sharing her knowledge and experiences that make her the amazing photographer that she is. She offers all the information you need to make you think about what made you fall in love with photography, why you choose to create your art, how photography makes you feel and where your inspiration comes from to when was the first time you remember wanting to pursue photography. Then, along with all of that, she shows you how she prepares for her sessions and shares her client questionnaire. She tells how to advise the client in what to wear, how she shoots her entire session, culling and editing and she shares 6 presets. There are several videos you can watch to see how she gets her photos to reflect her style along with a bonus underwater video.

    She shares what she does to help her clients loosen up for the session and how she is able to show connection and emotion in her images! And, oh that light! She is a master at finding the most gorgeous light and teaches you how to find it and how to use it! You don’t want to miss this breakout if you love light, connection, emotion, mood and great tips for lightly posing/directing your subjects along with so much more!

  • 5
    Having admired Samantha’s work for several years, I knew this was a breakout I had to purchase.

    Posted by Katie Oblinger on 22nd Sep 2017

    Mood and the Story of Light is exactly that. As a photographer I have been glued to photographing bright images. This course reminded me that it’s okay to let go of the comforts of your everyday work and to dive deeper into what speaks to my soul. Some photographers, speaking for myself, aren’t born with that creative gene. So when someone invites you to let go of everything and photograph what you feel, you accept that invitation. Samantha’s breakout reminded me that I actually do have a love for moodier imagery and this course helped me to step outside my comfort zone and try something that moves me. The journal prompts throughout the breakout invite you to take a deeper look at how you create your own work and the intention behind it all .

    To me though, the beauty of this breakout isn’t just in the imagery, it’s in Samantha’s openness. She invites you into her world – the world of her children, her style, and her creative process. And it’s stunning. I loved every second of this breakout and will keep it close as a tool I will refer to time and again.