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Mood and Light: Creating and Enhancing Emotion in Your Images with Marissa Gifford

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    This item will be retiring May 24th, 2017.

    Marissa’s work is characterized by quiet moments that emphasize emotion, and in this Breakout she shares her shooting and processing tips to help you enhance the emotion in your own images. You’ll hear about her a-ha moments in her photography journey that helped her define both her shooting and post processing styles. You’ll look at how a single image, processed in various ways, can dramatically alter the mood of an image and the emotional response it elicits in viewers. With various mini-assignments you’ll be encouraged to recognize your unique shooting/processing style, re-process your images in various ways, and do some soul searching to shoot/process an image that expresses an emotion you’d like to explore. By the end of this breakout, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how to intentionally use and combine these various facets to help your work pack an emotional punch. Join Marissa on this journey to explore your own emotional peaks and valleys and learn to intentionally translate that to your photography.

    Marissa Gifford loves sports, traveling, foreign languages, diet soda, flip flops, and black licorice. She fell in love with photography after the birth of her third son, though she had been interested in it for years. Marissa lives in Washington with her husband and three boys and shoots with a Canon 5d mark III and a variety of prime lenses. Marissa enjoys getting creative with her post processing and going beyond a clean edit to enhance the emotion and mood of her images. She has created various action sets to help other photographers accomplish this in their own work. The Organic Set and the Jet Set can be found in the CM store and are compatible with both Photoshop and Elements.

    What You'll Learn

    - Tips for discovering your own shooting and processing style
    - Moods associated with the different styles of processing
    - Processing to enhance or change the mood of an image
    - Color symbolism in shooting & processing
    - Recognizing & harnessing various light qualities
    - Shooting tips to evoke emotion in your work

    What's Included:

    - A detailed 145 page PDF 
    - 3 editing videos (focused on Photoshop and ACR, with a Lightroom video to explain how to edit in a similar fashion using Lightroom)
    - 2 of Marissa's favorite actions (1 from The Jet Set and 1 from The Organic Set, available in the CM store)
    - a Q & A video (this also addresses working and creating hazes in Elements)

     *Please note: All items in this listing are digital downloads that must be downloaded to a computer (you may transfer to an iPad after your original download to a computer).  Due to the nature of digital downloads, they are non-refundable.

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    1. Good but...

      This is the first educational type material that I have purchased through Click and I, unfortunately, have mixed feelings about it.

      First, my initial was fairly positive. While that hasn't entirely changed, I also feel that I didn't get quite what I expected. The ebook is more of a slide show presentation than a book.... It is mostly really, in my opinion, beautiful photographs accompanied by very little text. The text is somewhat useful and usually encourages thought and thoughtful photography. After reading through approximately 2/3rds of the way through the "book" I started to see some of the same things that I see in many off the shelf popular photographic instruction type books, a bit of empty not so useful text followed by more pretty pictures and I started to wonder why I was reading it. I did continue and I can't say that I am totally disappointed. Its possible that I have read to much of this type of stuff, and that in hoping for something new, I was let down a bit. For someone who is fairly new to photography, this is probably an excellent resource. In my case, I think I have been reading this type of stuff longer than the instructor has been using a camera (according to her statement in the book...). That isn't to say anything negative about her photography, her photographs are really enjoyable, but there wasn't a lot of really new and deep material included. On the other hand there are some really good things there as well. Its not like reading DuChemin or Sam Abel.

      Second, I don't own or use the Photoshop creative suite anymore, and I was really looking forward to some good editing demonstrations in the Lightroom tutorial that accompanies this breakout. Unfortunately, Marissa "doesn't really use Lightroom," which makes the video almost completely worthless unless you also have never used Lightroom. If you have used Lightroom, and are like many photographers I know and only use Lightroom, you may gain little or nothing from the video package,

      At the end of the day there are two things going on here. Photography has gotten to be about making a business very quickly for some talented bunch of very new-to-the-field photographers, and teaching is a source of income. I get that, really I do. Then, there is so much to learn about photography! Guys like DuChemin, who says, "gear is good, but vision is better" are right. Go out, learn photography, learn every thing you can, use simple gear (something that CM doesn't really promote that much...), whatever... but it is possible that vision is probably found more in the way that Ansel Adams' crowd seemed to think it was, in mastering the technical aspects and taking and looking at a lot of your own photographs.

      I think this product, for $30, is at least $10 more than I would like to pay for it. Between the format of the book and the video... Its content maybe rivals some of the $20 trade cover books at Amazon sometimes, but the format of the material feels cheaper, so the price should be about equivalent.
      on 6th Jul 2016

    2. So Inspirational!

      If you are on the fence, just DO IT! This breakout is jam packed with so much inspiring and educational information. Marissa is a genius and has shared her knowledge with us in the PDF and videos. HIGHLY recommend :) on 11th Dec 2014

    3. Amazing!

      This was the first breakout I purchased and it got me hooked! There is so much information in this. The PDF is huge and the editing videos are awesome. It is more than worth the $30! on 4th Dec 2014

    4. Favorite breakout yet!

      Of all the breakouts I've purchased, this one by Marissa Gifford is my favorite. I've always tried to create a very clean processed look. This breakout inspired me to experiment more with post-processing to subtly add more mood and emotion to my images. I was so excited by some of the concepts I learned about that I actually downloaded the free trial of PS (I usually use LR) and took some more advanced editing classes to try to expand my post processing skills. It was definitely a game changer for me. I would totally recommend it! on 24th Nov 2014

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