Light and Lifestyle with Jennifer Bogle

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In this breakout, Jennifer shares her personal philosophy on light and demonstrates her approach to creating beautiful images in a variety of lighting situations. She identifies the challenges she faces and tools she reaches for in full sun, at sunset, overcast days, natural window light, and after dark. From shooting client sessions to grabbing images with her family at the bowling alley, she also breaks down how she decides whether natural or artificial light will achieve the look she wants in any given situation. Finally, she shares her love of incorporating flash into her family images in both ordinary and extraordinary ways.


What you’ll learn:

  • encouragement to seek out and use light in all of the corners of your world (not just the corners with perfect light.)
  • Tools to manage both natural and artificial lighting situations.
  • A breakdown of her personal approach to light
  • A list of Jennifer’s gear (it’s shorter than you think!)
  • tips, tricks, and inspiration for making flash part of your daily images.
  • fun, after dark lighting experiments to try with your kids (flash or no flash, up to you!)

What’s included:

  • a PDF of finding and creating light
  • a bonus PDF- fun flash exercises with kids
  • a shooting video
  • an editing video
  • a bonus video on flash in the rain and painting with light
  • a Q and A video

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Jennifer Bogle lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three beautiful, busy kiddos. She has a small portrait photography business, but primarily shoots for family and friends. She loves dramatic light and flash photography, but is not at all flashy or dramatic herself. She believes all things are possible with the proper application of coffee.

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    Great for all skill levels!

    Posted by Carrie Y. on 6th Jun 2015

    Jennifer’s Breakout is outstanding! I knew it would be, because she is a true professional with impeccable work ethic, so anything she does she gives 110%. There’s something for everyone in this breakout. I consider myself pretty proficient at using “good” light; I was interested in learning more about how Jenn tackles challenging lighting situations. This came at a great time for me because I’m tackling a 365, and we all know that the moments that we want to capture don’t always happen in the “good” light. Jenn gave me new strategies to consider, inspired me to use my speedlight more, and the bonus pdf & video on flash with kids and light painting is just plain FUN! I can’t wait to try some of those techniques out with my own kids! Jenn’s warm and funny personality is infused throughout the pdf and videos. She’s such a breath of fresh air. I love her authentic approach to photographing her own family which she openly shares in this breakout.

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    A Steal at $30

    Posted by Jennifer on 6th Apr 2015

    This BO is just downright awesome!

    Jenn Bogle’s Light and Lifestyle BO is AWESOME! For $30 it’s a STEAL!


    The main PDF is very insightful. You will learn how Jenn goes about finding and using the light available. (Even full sun…gasp). Through reading her BO, I learned a lot about light, obviously, but I also have a new enthusiasm for taking images that make sense to me. And mean something to me. Even with technical imperfections and a lack of perfect lighting.

    While there is discussion about flash, what this PDF does not cover is in-depth flash techniques. And it is not a manual on how to use a flash. (This was not a secret. Just reading the BO description tells you this). Although you do get more information on flash in the second PDF that is included with the BO. (I’ll get to that in a minute).

    The following is a breakdown of what is in the 95 page Main PDF.
    Title Page – 1 page
    Introduction – 2 pages
    Contents and Gear – 1 page
    Full Sun – 17 pages
    Sunset (and Sunrise) – 9 pages
    Overcast Days – 12 pages
    Window Light – 14 pages
    Exercise #1 – 2 pages
    After Dark – 15 pages
    Exercise #2 – 2 pages
    General Light discussion – 10 pages
    Exercise #3 – 1 page
    General Light discussion – 6 pages
    Conclusion – 2 pages
    Lighting Resources – 1 page

    There is also a second 25 page PDF entitled “Flash and Kids: Making Flash a Part of Your Everyday”. Don’t let the title fool you…sure Jenn uses kids…but all of the information included could apply to other subjects with flash. In the PDF Jenn talks about all the fun creative ways she uses flash. And in the last 7 pages of this PDF, Jenn interviews 3 different CMPros about their use of flash.


    The videos that go along with the Light and Lifestyle BO are wonderful and full of lots of great information.

    Video #1 (Navigating Light) is 1 hour and 4 minutes long. WOW! And it’s full of lots of practical applications on using light. You will be able to see how Jenn looks at a scene and evaluates the light as well as her thought process to why and how she goes about using that light. (And sometimes she adds her own light with flash).

    Video #2 (Editing Video) is 55 minutes long. WOW! Jenn breaks down how she processes her image from conception of the final project to the actual final product.

    Video #3 (Flash in the Rain and Painting with Light) is 21 minutes long. And this video is just down right FUN! I can’t wait to try this and I bet you will feel the same.

    Video #4 (Q&A) The Q&A part is jam packed with answers to all kinds of questions. I don't know how they got all that information into one Q&A session.


    And then there is Jenn herself. Superstar. You can tell Jenn is excited about this BO and put 110% into it. It's too late to get involved in the forum for the BO now, but during that time, Jenn was super involved giving feedback to everyone who participated. (This is something I don’t remember seeing in the past BOs I have participated in…and it’s a wonderful bonus). Jenn is a true motivator.

    Thanks Jenn for this fabulous BO!!!! This BO has moved to the #1 spot on my all-time favorite BOs list.