Less Is More: Mastering the Minimalist Style of Newborn Photography with Bethney Backhaus

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Bethney Backhaus takes a unique approach to newborn photography by utilizing minimalist and simple components to accentuate a baby’s purity and newness. In this Breakout, Bethney shares her newborn philosophy and how simplicity and minimalism play a role in creating her distinctive images. She will share how to shoot a full gallery with these types of images, how she uses natural light, and some secrets to obtaining natural looking poses. You’ll learn how to shoot a full gallery, how to use natural light in newborn photography, how Bethney makes her sessions flow, and the secrets behind her natural looking poses. You’ll also get to delve into some behind-the-scenes videos to see where she shops for sessions, how she sets up, and how she cleanly processes her images to emphasize the simplicity she loves.


• Minimalist Philosophy and how to implement this style in newborn portraiture
• Where Bethney shops for her distinct backdrops and wraps
• How to shoot a full gallery with very simple and natural images
• Bethney’s posing and post processing workflows
• How Bethney sets up for her sessions
• How to pose newborns to make them look “unposed”
• Post processing techniques to enhance simplicity and negative space for more impact


PDF full of detailed information, techniques, tips, pullbacks, and inspiration

An on location shopping video showing what Bethney looks for while shopping for her sessions

An editing video using Lightroom and Photoshop

A video of Bethney setting up for a session

A LR preset and Photoshop action

Q&A Video

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Bethney resides in central Florida with her husband and two daughters. Armed with a Canon 5d Mark iii and a variety of prime lenses, she loves following her girls around all day and capturing their day to day life together. For client work, Bethney is known for posing newborns in a simple and natural style. Jane Austen, Friends, crocheting, and seeing the world are some of her favorite things.

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  • 5

    Posted by Alycia Emily Photography on 24th May 2016

    Absolutely over the moon about this purchase!
    Bethneys little package is so informative and inspiring! I'm now confident in changing my style to a more simplistic one which focuses just on baby!
    Since I use my sons room as my "studio" I don't need to stash bulky props and use up storage :)!!!

    My customers are amazed by how my images are now and 110% supportive!

    THANKYOU so much Clicknmoms and especially Bethney!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Alaina Nicole photography on 24th May 2016

    I'm a huge fan, and Bethney was so thorough!

  • 5
    Wonderful love it!

    Posted by Cris on 14th May 2016

    As an amateur/ beginner photographer I love this! The idea of minimalism is so great and sweet! It just focuses on the baby and no big drops. There was so much useful information!! Thank you Bethney!!!

  • 5
    Highly impressed! Thoroughly satisfied.

    Posted by Cara H. on 12th May 2016

    I can begin to tell you how enthused I am that I purchased this. I was so impressed with the amount of information I received. The PDF was amazing and not to mention the videos. This prepared me for my next session and embracing the newborn in a more natural state.

  • 5

    Posted by Patricia Lynn Photography on 12th May 2016

    Changed my approach to newborn photography.

  • 5
    some seriously invaluable information

    Posted by Unknown on 9th May 2016

    It was so helpful to see how Bethney works, but I also found the editing of the red skin tones brilliant and an invaluable tool in my arsenal. I was reminded about simplicity when it's so easy to get caught up in props galore. Made me happy to tune back into that side of my work. Thank you for sharing yourself and your work!

  • 5

    Posted by Anne-Marie Audet - AM Audet Photography on 9th May 2016

    Wonderful investment, great presentations, easy to follow, beautiful, and very helpful :)

  • 5

    Posted by Sara on 6th May 2016

    Your video is wonderful for showing how to use natural light, posing, and transitions. I'm so happy with this purchase. Thank you for making this video. I've read a lot regarding each of these areas, but seeing it in action is so much more beneficial to me. I learned a lot.

  • 5
    Changed the way I look at newborn photography!

    Posted by Unknown on 5th May 2016

    This was awesome, and have me the courage to back away from the props! My clients love it!