Learning Lifestyle: Modern, Sentimental and Natural Photography for Maternity and Newborns with Tarah Beaven

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Capture sentimental and natural maternity and newborn photographs.

Get to the heart of what maternity and newborn clients want: sentimental and modern lifestyle imagery. Join Tarah Beaven as she takes you behind the scenes in a series of shooting and editing videos and an original eBook filled tips and techniques.  You’ll learn how to prep, style, pose and edit for the modern mom and dad who are sentimental about starting and raising a family. 

what you’ll get:


113 page eBook that includes tips on how to prep and style clients, how to identify sentimental locations and a go-to posing guide for maternity and newborn sessions


One and half hours of behind the scenes videos of Tarah photographing an on-location maternity session, at-home newborn session, and editing


Video of Tarah culling and editing a maternity and newborn gallery


Bonding with baby posing research

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what you’ll learn:


Prepping clients for an upcoming maternity and/or newborn shoot


How to identify sentimental and unique locations outdoors and in-home, tips for scouting & what elements to include in-home


A guide to styling and posing & simple editing techniques for expecting parents


A guide to styling and natural baby-led posing, plus simple techniques for in-home newborn sessions

about your presenter

Tarah Beaven is a San Francisco based maternity and newborn lifestyle photographer. Her minimalist lifestyle, sentimental attitude towards starting and raising a family, and living in a modern-day jettison city fuels her client work. Named one of San Francisco’s top photographers she also contributes to Clickin Moms, the Click magazine blog and Red Tricycle. 

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    Learning lifestyle: modern, sentimental and natural photography for maternity and newborns with Tarth beavern

    Posted by Kylie on 15th May 2020

    I was very disappointed with the product did not get to view half of it tried to download to Dropbox and it didn’t work it disappeared and could no longer go into it so I got nothing for my money. I have purchased other products on line and have been able to download easy and keep it

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    I highly recommend this breakout!

    Posted by Shelly on 9th Apr 2019

    I just finished this breakout and it is nothing short of AMAZING! Tarah is such a talented photographer and I have been admiring her newborn/maternity work for a long time. She has clearly put a lot of her heart and soul into this breakout. Whether you are new to newborn photography or just looking for inspiration this breakout is for you. I have been shooting newborns for about 4 years and still had so many take aways from this course. I love her approach to sentimental locations and how to identify what makes living in your city/client’s home sentimental to them. I will definitely be using this approach and her checklist of questions for all genre’s that I shoot. Tarah also covers lighting, client prep and location scouting, gear and everything else you would want to know. I love getting into other photographer’s heads and see how their thought process works. I live in Dallas (not beautiful San Francisco) and still found real life applications from this break out. I am discovering a new love for my city, lifestyle photography and newborn + maternity work. I highly recommend this breakout!

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    OMG, I cannot say enough wonderful things about this breakout

    Posted by Alexis Pickard on 9th Apr 2019

    OMG, I cannot say enough wonderful things about this breakout. Tarah is a freaking amazing Photographer who pours her heart into helping others learn and grow (as seen in the overflowing amount of information packed into this Breakout). She includes detailed information about locations (in-home and outdoors), posing techniques, finding desirable light, styling choices, movement and creating genuine connections. As a newborn photographer I absolutely LOVE that she included her workflow and behind the scenes videos. The videos were actually exactly what I needed to get over my fear of maternity photography and with my new found confidence I am super excited to find a pregnant mama so I can practice :) Not only do you get the e-book you also receive; shooting videos, editing videos and a bonus pdf on the benefits of bonding. Guys, no matter where you are in your journey as a photographer, you will learn something new and be motivated. If you want to create gorgeous, authentic maternity and newborn moments…this breakout is for YOU! Thank you Tarah for sharing your love and knowledge of photography and inspiring me to grow <3

  • 5
    This breakout is beyond anything I could have imagined the genre of Maternity and Newborn photography is

    Posted by Amanda on 9th Apr 2019

    This breakout is beyond anything I could have imagined the genre of Maternity and Newborn photography is. I have always been curious how maternity and newborn photographers make their mama’s and babies look so beautiful and Tarah gives you ALL the goods on how she makes magic for her clients every day. This subject is 100% Tarah’s zone of genius and I was blown away by the thoughtfulness, thoroughness and transparency of this breakout. From diving into her background and the why behind her art, to helping fathers pick the perfect outfit for their moment in front of the camera, Tarah is a goldmine of information. I have photographed newborns in the past and had since stopped because I could not get the images I truly desired. This breakout left me thinking about how I could better take control of a photo session, both on location and inside the family home. I will also definitely be using her wisdom on how to help my clients find more meaningful locations for their maternity sessions to create truly sentimental images for them. I loved watching Tarah take control of both a maternity and newborn session as she used her surroundings and vast knowledge on prompts and poses to create her images. Her confidence is assuring and calming for her subjects and this is something I hope to bring to my future sessions. This is one beautiful breakout. If you have thought about diving into maternity or newborn photography but not sure exactly how to get started or why you’re not getting the images you truly love, this is the breakout for you. I can’t sing it praises enough.

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    Tarah’s breakout is amazing

    Posted by Amy Meng on 9th Apr 2019

    Tarah’s breakout is amazing! You can tell she has poured her heart into this breakout and wants to help other photographers. Her posing guides, prompts, culling, and editing videos really help you get inside Tarah’s workflow and see how she has become so successful. I highly recommend this breakout!

  • 5
    Tarah’s breakout is incredible.

    Posted by Shalynn on 9th Apr 2019

    Tarah’s breakout is incredible. She has such much passion and it’s so obvious that she really enjoys life. Her style is personal and she’s SO happy to help out whether it’s giving advice, very helpful, insightful critique or even doing a bit of research for you :) She’s inspiring and simply joyful. Her breakout has helped me to see my city with new eyes which alone has so much worth. Her breakout has also helped me to pose my clients better and I love the interactions between her and her clients that we get to watch in her videos. She also offers so much extra material in the forums that I have found very helpful and inspiring. I do believe that I’ve become a better photographer because of her breakout. I highly recommend her breakout!

  • 5
    Stop and purchase now… seriously.. It’s a goldmine.

    Posted by Kalyn on 9th Apr 2019

    Hesitating on purchasing this breakout? Stop and purchase now… seriously.. It’s a goldmine. Tarah is hands down amazing and it’s obvious the amount of time, knowledge, and love she poured into this breakout session. She is super transparent and doesn’t hold back with any information you may be curious about. Along with a PDF of brilliant info, you can follow Tarah along as she shoots an in-home newborn session, outdoor maternity session, and watch as she culls and edits her photos. As you watch the videos, it is apparent how confident Tarah is with her surroundings, lighting, camera settings, posing clients, and making them feel comfortable. I love seeing behind the scenes of how a photographer creates an image. This breakout has sparked new ideas for me and has me itching to build my portfolio with more newborn and maternity sessions. Before this breakout, I wasn’t sure how I could refocus my market from lifestyle family to more newborn and maternity. Tarah’s wealth of information has helped me realize how I can go about this and given me new skills to photograph newborns and pregnant mamas. Thank you Tarah for sharing your talent with all of us.

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    Tarah’s breakout is exactly what I needed

    Posted by Donna on 9th Apr 2019

    Tarah’s breakout is exactly what I needed, first of all she’s given me the confidence to continue down this path- as a photographer we’re always hit by confidence issues at times and she’s looking at my work critically and offering back some amazing advice all while enabling me to feel proud of my work. I’m learning so much as well, literally every angle is covered from how to pose your clients, how to suggest what they wear and all the small little things you don’t even consider- like focussing on your website and learning how to attract clients. While this is maternity and newborn I know I’ll be taking a lot of her advice and translating into other areas of my photography too. It’s really focusing on that real emotional connection between people, which is so important to me to try and capture and encourage in my clients. I literally feel like a more confident, better and more prepared photographer after taking this course. I’ll frequently be going over all the material again and again because there’s just so much information that’s always going to be valid.

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    Tarah’s BO has gone above and beyond my expectations!

    Posted by Grace on 9th Apr 2019

    Tarah’s BO has gone above and beyond my expectations!! She is absolutely amazing at what she does and so giving with all of her knowledge so that we can improve as photographers as well. She has answered every question that I’ve had promptly (and I’ve had ALOT) and I’ve learned so much!!! I can’t recommend this BO enough. She is amazing and the videos that come along with all of the information in the PDF are so helpful when starting out with this genre of photography. THANK YOU Tarah!!!

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