Greetings From: A Guide to Documenting Vacations

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Your vacation memories don’t look like they came from a Google image search, so why should your photos?

Join Jessica and Lauren in this breakout as they capture the ups and downs, ins and outs of documenting family vacations. Using a documentary approach, they will share why the whole story matters from beginning to end. Jessica and Lauren will also provide advice on how to take photos while still being present to enjoy the trip ahead. Lastly, they will share plenty of practical tips for handling the chaos and crowds of a theme park as well as photographing on rides.

what you’ll get:


An eBook with everything you need to learn how to document the real story


3 shooting videos at Disney World and Universal Studios Resort


A video detailing the editing and culling process 


A bonus PDF on documentary composition

*Please note: All items in this listing are digital downloads that must be downloaded to a computer (you may transfer to an iPad after your original download to a computer).  Due to the nature of digital downloads, they are non-refundable.

what you’ll learn:


How to push past blocks and stop chasing after the ‘perfect’ shot


How to let go of expectations and focus on documenting the real story


Advice and technical tips for each situation


How to document road trips, theme park experiences, trips to the beach, hotel stays and even staycations in a way that is completely unique to your family


A side-by-side comparison of dSLR and iPhone images taken by Jessica and Lauren during their trip to the Magic Kingdom


How to use specific compositional techniques to create documentary images


about your presenters

Lauren Mitchell draws inspiration from her background in graphic design as well as the colors, vivid light and experience of residing in Florida. She was born in 1984 to a woman who commuted two hours each day to work in a cubicle and took her daughter to McDonalds so much that she got Happy Meal toys for free.

She received her BA in Graphic Design and Art History from San Diego State. Lauren currently resides in on the Space Coast of Florida with her husband and daughter.

Jessica Thomason is a Florida native living on the gulf coast surrounded by snowbirds and criminals. She loves the idea of the beach more than the actual beach. She’s fascinated by real life weirdness and is 100% convinced that the best stories are the ones we couldn’t fabricate even if we tried. She has two spunky little girls, a husband who is really good at making margaritas and fixing the internet, a full time job as a pharmacist and a passion for documenting all of it (mostly with a phone). Phone is typically at 5% battery or less.

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    Nothing new

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Aug 2018

    I felt it was a waste of my money. There was a lot of talking and words, a lot of trying to encourage, but in the end, there was no inspiration, no real teaching. Additionally, the editing videos didn't offer any editing tutorial and was just repeating the same talking points in the main presentation.

  • 5
    This breakout is AMAZING!

    Posted by Becca Lundin on 10th Aug 2018

    It is so much more than just how to capture your vacation. The tips inside can be applied to all situations – vacations, around the house, or out on the town. It made me really think about capturing what is truly important. To look beyond the Instagram moments and focus on what makes these images special for me and an individual! It also gives you an excuse to step back, breathe and be a little more easy on yourself as the photographer! I highly recommend it!

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    I love this breakout!

    Posted by Krista Taylor on 10th Aug 2018

    I think the best thing about this BO that makes it a little different from others, is basically the permission to let go of getting the “instagram worthy” shots, and documenting the reality of what is going on. Using composition to tell a story in your photos. This is something I will be working on, because I tend to take a lot of vacation photos of the kids without a lot of story of what is happening, such as my son eating an icecream…but where were we? In a lot of my photos, we could have been anywhere! Haha! I’m ready to go on our vacation next month with a different mindset than I usually go in with (usually, I’m really hoping to get AWESOME photos for my Instagram!) This time, I will be going in with a mindset of telling the full story of our vacation! This breakout is definitely worth your time!