Fleeting to Timeless: Composing Stories that Last a Lifetime with Annick Paradis

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Learn to photograph stories that last a lifetime!

Learn to compose stories that last a lifetime and how to turn a fleeting moment into a timeless one!  From composing with intention to carefully shooting like a hunter, Annick Paradis will help you improve your composition and storytelling skills.  You’ll go behind the scenes with Annick during a family session to see how she composes on the fly to create timeless stories.  Then you’ll watch her cull down through moments and add her finishing touches in Lightroom!

what you’ll get:


A beautiful 104 page eBook on the interplay of composition and storytelling to help you improve your albums and galleries


1 shooting video during a family session

18 page PDF with 7 exercises to improve your storytelling skills


1 pull back video

2 culling videos

5 video of images being critiqued

1 editing video

1 video on "what unbalanced the frame"


60 minutes of bonus editing videos

Bonus presets created by Annick (only compatible with LR Classic on RAW images)

Bonus pdf “Enhancing your family album”

Bonus pdf “My thoughts on post-processing”

Bonus pdf “Annick’s cheat sheet”

Video of presets installation + secret editing video

*Please note: All items in this listing are digital downloads that must be downloaded to a computer (you may transfer to an iPad after your original download to a computer).  Due to the nature of digital downloads, they are non-refundable.

what you’ll learn:


Learn how to use the rules of composition to structure your story


Learn how to communicate through your imagery


Learn how to macro- and micro-compose your images in order to capture the greatest detail possible to allow you to relive the moment


Through pullbacks, you’ll learn how Annick composes her images using the techniques discussed in the Breakout…then you’ll see how she culls to find the perfect moment

about your presenter

Annick Paradis is a French Canadian family documentary photographer who enjoys infusing a touch of fine art into everyday life. She loves to capture the essence of a family, their rituals and funny moments but most of all she loves to capture the bond that brings their unique tribe together. She is based in Québec city, aka Maple Syrup Heaven.


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  • 5
    these videos are the best I’ve seen

    Posted by Nasreen on 13th May 2019

    I have quite a few resources on documentary family photography but Annick’s BO is a valuable addition! I really enjoyed learning more about this genre from her point of view. The pdf is very clearly set out with in-depth explanations, tips, examples and inspiration. I got SO much out of the shooting videos where Annick talks us through her compositional choices – these videos are the best I’ve seen for walking you through the ups and downs and problem-solving of documentary shooting. The BO includes thought-provoking exercises to uncover your documentary voice and get you shooting with intentional storytelling.

  • 5
    truly inspiring and transformative

    Posted by Tanya on 13th May 2019

    This breakout has been truly inspiring and transformative for me. I have been challenged to look deeply both at my body of work as well as my own self. Annick has empowered me to find the stories I want to tell and has given me the tools to tell those stories through my photographs. I love that all the content is actionable and there are exercises to help me put everything I’m learning into practice. There is no filler or fluff. The breakout truly lives up to its description! I feel like a caterpillar crawling out of her chrysalis ready to spread my wings as a butterfly. Thank you, Annick!!

  • 5
    This is the Mmissing link to so many of the other storytelling courses

    Posted by Kate Lapin on 13th May 2019

    I have read the breakout once and need to read again, but here are my thoughts so far. There is so much information in this breakout!! It is seriously packed full of tips, points, and heart. Annick knows a lot and she poured it out here. Also, I think this course is a missing link to so many of the other story-telling courses out there right now. It is foundational and fundamental. Take it first and then you will be really prepared for some of the more advanced workshops. Now…I’m off to go reread. :)

  • 5
    well organized and varied

    Posted by Felix on 13th May 2019

    So, I’m far from being a pro and I have plenty to learn but what I like most about this breakout is that the info is well organized and varied. I like the fact that the main PDF is easy to go through and covers a lot of things without necessarily going too far into the details of everything. I felt oriented, not submerged by info. The videos also add a more dynamic aspect to the mentoring and are more than welcome when it’s getting a bit late (or when I’m too lazy?) to read. I enjoy the fact that we see dos and don’ts and that Annick also criticizes her own images from time to time. I haven’t started the exercises yet but I could figure out in a glimpse that they’re going to be helpful. Add to this that Annick has a biuuutiful accent and I think this is a recipe for succes!

  • 5
    thought provoking information

    Posted by Holly Stewart on 13th May 2019

    I am astounded with the amount of thought provoking information in this breakout! I want to just drop all current commitments in my life and focus on the information and exercises. The exercises provided in this breakout make you really analyze and implement the knowledge given in the PDF.
    I love the step by step explanations given in the PDF as Annick breaks down the important elements of composition. I love how she explains and give examples of photos where those techniques are implemented correctly and incorrectly. This really helps to cement the ideas in my brain. I am excited to see where this knowledge takes me in my photography journey.

  • 5
    Applies to any type of photography

    Posted by Alexis on 13th May 2019

    LOVING this breakout! The PDF covers so much on making images stronger from a storytelling point of view. And it applies to any type of photography- not just documentary. It’s giving me great tips to apply for all shoots, including my family and child photography sessions.I love all the exercises recommend to practice the concepts in the PDF.

  • 5
    a favorite of mine

    Posted by Sol on 13th May 2019

    During the years I have purchased lots of photography courses, and I can say that Fleeting to Timeless has become, quickly, a favorite of mine. The amount, and most important, the quality of the materials are impressive. Annick goes in depth over the techniques required to achieve strong images, and also provides ideas to create an invaluable family legacy. Certainly, I will be working on this BO content for the coming months!

  • 5
    You can’t miss this breakout !

    Posted by Daphné on 13th May 2019

    This Fleeting to Timeless breakout is absolutely fantastic ! If you want to turn your family snapshots into keepsakes you and your family will treasure forever, if you want to learn how to create better stories and trigger emotions with your images, you can’t miss this breakout. If you struggle with capturing strong images “in the moment”, wondering where to position yourself, how to better compose your images or isolate your main subject when there are tons of distracting elements in your surroundings, you can’t miss this breakout; if you’re looking at other photographers’ images, wondering “how come they were able to capture such a candid moment so beautifully/why do their images always look better than mine”? You can’t miss this breakout ! (Am I repeating myself?)
    I have listened to the two CC videos and I am almost done reading the material, and I have already been through a couple of AHA moments. What I love about Fleeting to Timeless is that Annick gives you a method, a structure and points of reference to turn to and think about when you shoot. I already noticed a change in my way of looking at scenes and shooting, just over one weekend. I think this is the kind of breakout that will stick in my head for the long-term.

  • 5

    Posted by Mariette on 13th May 2019

    Annick’s work is gorgeous and so inspiring. She holds nothing back in her breakout; it is JAM-PACKED. She covers everying from the basics to different techniques to ensure that you create strong images! Small details that sometimes get overlooked, she has it included in the BO. I can honestly say that this is a fantastic BO to help, guide and teach you to capture stronger images and her techniques will make a difference in your images! Thank you so much for sharing it all!