Fleeting to Timeless: Composing Stories that Last a Lifetime with Annick Paradis

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Learn to photograph stories that last a lifetime!

Learn to compose stories that last a lifetime and how to turn a fleeting moment into a timeless one!  From composing with intention to carefully shooting like a hunter, Annick Paradis will help you improve your composition and storytelling skills.  You’ll go behind the scenes with Annick during a family session to see how she composes on the fly to create timeless stories.  Then you’ll watch her cull down through moments and add her finishing touches in Lightroom!

what you’ll get:


A beautiful 104 page eBook on the interplay of composition and storytelling to help you improve your albums and galleries


1 shooting video during a family session

18 page PDF with 7 exercises to improve your storytelling skills


1 pull back video

2 culling videos

5 video of images being critiqued

1 editing video

1 video on "what unbalanced the frame"


60 minutes of bonus editing videos

Bonus presets created by Annick (only compatible with LR Classic on RAW images)

Bonus pdf “Enhancing your family album”

Bonus pdf “My thoughts on post-processing”

Bonus pdf “Annick’s cheat sheet”

Video of presets installation + secret editing video

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what you’ll learn:


Learn how to use the rules of composition to structure your story


Learn how to communicate through your imagery


Learn how to macro- and micro-compose your images in order to capture the greatest detail possible to allow you to relive the moment


Through pullbacks, you’ll learn how Annick composes her images using the techniques discussed in the Breakout…then you’ll see how she culls to find the perfect moment

about your presenter

Annick Paradis is a French Canadian family documentary photographer who enjoys infusing a touch of fine art into everyday life. She loves to capture the essence of a family, their rituals and funny moments but most of all she loves to capture the bond that brings their unique tribe together. She is based in Québec city, aka Maple Syrup Heaven.


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  • 3
    Great Content - Would Work Better as a Live Workshop

    Posted by Tianna Yentzer on 2nd Sep 2020

    Loved the information in this course. I didn't find the videos super helpful - they were very behind the scenes which I appreciated but it was hard to really put into action what you saw. I can see this being an amazing course to take as an active workshop. I took tons of notes but it's a bit harder to grasp and really put the concepts into play without actively working at them in a group setting and being able to get feedback. These concepts are definitely ones you have to work at and see not just read about and get.

  • 5
    I Keep Coming Back

    Posted by Rebecca Pattison on 8th Nov 2019

    I purchased this breakout during the live run, and it was packed full of helpful and inspiring information. It has been several months since the live run, and I have purchased multiple other breakouts, but this is the one I keep coming back to... It is packed! I learned tips from how to always be ready to capture a beautiful moment to how to structure the frame to tell an impactful story for years to come. Annick holds nothing back. Annick holds nothing back. She instructs us how to make great images even stronger. Anyone would benefit from this breakout about how to turn moments into lasting memories by capturing story telling images.

  • 5
    There is something for everyone

    Posted by Jillian Baudry on 13th May 2019

    In this jam-packed breakout, Annick takes a fresh new look at composing with intention and how to transform everyday moments into memorable images. Every page is illustrated with gorgeous images and the emotion and storytelling Annick captures is so inspirational. She breaks everything down into easy to understand steps and exercises. I absolutely loved the creative challenges and the amount of knowledge she shares with us is amazing.The multiple bonus pdfs and fun videos provide so much inspiration to get shooting everyday moments and put into practice all the information from the breakout. I’m so excited to start filling my albums with images that not only look good but also tell the story of our family!There is something for everyone, from the beginner taking those first images with a new camera, to the advanced photographer aiming to strengthen the way their art communicates with the viewer. I really can’t recommend this breakout highly enough, for all the new techniques I’ve learned and inspiration I’ve taken away!

  • 5
    So many of her pearls of wisdom

    Posted by Maice on 13th May 2019

    Highly recommend this breakout! Annick is thoughtful and breaks things down in a way that makes sense. So many of her pearls of wisdom are in my head when I shoot. My confidence and understanding of photography has grown exponentially because of her. She gets it. AND she can teach it. If you are questioning whether this breakout is for you, go ahead and take the plunge! The material is beyond worth it, not to mention all the bonus materials and presets. Thank you Annick!

  • 5
    This BO is a gem!

    Posted by Alexis on 13th May 2019

    Where do I even begin? If you want to learn how to truly tell a meaningful story through your lens, this BO is a gem. Annick has so much valuable information jam packed in this BO. I’ve had such a hard time understanding how to tell a story with my images but Annick breaks it all down and makes it so accessible. I’m excited to pick up my camera and incorporate all that I have learned.

  • 5
    amazing breakout

    Posted by Kristen on 13th May 2019

    Annick has created an amazing breakout! It is packed full of tons of valuable information, and she presents it in a way that is easy to understand. She gives lots of great photographic examples of what she is teaching, which is perfect since a photo is worth a thousand words! Her documentary photography is beautiful, and she explains how she composes and edits so that anyone has the potential to achieve great storytelling photography. If you are on the fence about this one, sign up…$35 is a steal! :)

  • 5
    A truly stellar breakout if there ever was one!

    Posted by Kim on 13th May 2019

    I am so excited about this Breakout! If you want to greatly improve your storytelling skills, look no further. Really! The content is so good! Annick is a wonderful photographer and an outstanding teacher! She is really thorough, great at explaining things and is exceptional at giving constructive criticism. The way she has structured all the information is very intuitive and supported by a panoply of concrete examples. This breakout is simply amazing. I seriously cannot believe ALL the content included in this breakout. Just the main PDF could easily form the basis of an entire workshop! It *should* be a workshop!!! She covers so much! Did I say Annick is a great educator? Because she really is. All the exercises she put together build perfectly on the information contained in the main PDF and will cement what you will learn. And then there all are videos : shooting videos, culling videos, editing videos, critique videos. And presets. I seriously can’t believe this is ONLY 35$. A truly stellar breakout if there ever was one!

  • 5
    One of the best Breakout I have ever purchased

    Posted by Catherine on 13th May 2019

    If you are considering purchasing this BO, do not hesitate anymore and do it now. I have known Annick as a remarquable photographer and Teaching assistant for some WS I have taken and couldn’t wait to register for her breakout during the live period. Annick is not only a talented photographer but she is also a very talented educator. Her breakout is very well constructed and full of meaningful information on how to become a good storyteller and improve as a photographer in terms of composition, creativity and editing. I also love her fine art approach and the way she teaches to look at images with a critical eye .There is so much in there, Annick has clearly put her heart and soul into her breakout and at this price, it is an amazing deal. One of the best Breakout I have ever purchased. I highly recommend it!

  • 5
    eye opening breakout

    Posted by Penny Way on 13th May 2019

    What an eye opening breakout. I struggle with composition and capturing story telling images. Annick breaks down the compositional elements and make up of story telling images so that it is easy to understand and through the many video’s I am able to build my confidence at recognising and implementing what I have learned in such a short time with this breakout. Annick is a wealth of knowledge and very motivating and supportive. I would love to do mentoring sessions with her she has a way of delivering information that I can easily understand and take on.The set of exercises helped me to get a clear understanding of what elements I need to focus on to strengthen my images. Thank you Annick for this amazing break out it came at just the right time for me :-)

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