Finish to Start: Working backwards to achieve your vision with Kate Luber

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This breakout will be retiring from the store and no longer available for purchase after 9/6/2020.

Join Kate Luber in a Breakout that will teach you how to envision the final image before you even take the shot. You’ll go behind the scenes to find out how she breaks down her vision in order to find the tools necessary for a successful shoot. From choosing a location with the final edit in mind to working quickly and efficiently to manage a child’s short attention span, Kate will show you how you can you gather all of the elements to make that vision a reality.


• How Kate breaks down her vision into smaller pieces and tackles them them one by one to bring her vision to life
• How Kate plans a shoot to execute an image quickly and efficiently to manage childrens’ short attention spans and so she can return to enjoying moments with her family away from the camera
• Learn how Kate selects locations and what she looks for in an ideal shooting location
• How Kate assesses her scene while shooting to plan her perfect edit
• Learn Kate’s tricks for drawing the viewer into an image and holding their attention
• Learn Kate’s favorite editing tricks to strengthen images
• Learn Kate’s tips for finding your processing style


• Over 100 page PDF detailing Kate’s image creation process
• Bonus PDF on working backwards to find your processing style
• 3 shooting videos
• 4 videos of Kate hand editing from the SOOC to the final image
• Kate’s action set

*Please note: All items in this listing are digital downloads that must be downloaded to a computer (you may transfer to an iPad after your original download to a computer).  Due to the nature of digital downloads, they are non-refundable.


Kate Luber is a lifestyle and portrait photographer in Oklahoma City, OK. As a lifelong lover of ballet and the performing arts, her passion for photography was ignited when her two daughters were born. Kate loves finding and creating magically beautiful moments in her everyday life. Throughout her life, she has harnessed her analytical mind by breaking down simple and complex tasks and goals to make them attainable.

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  • 5

    Posted by Karyssa Rosales on 9th Apr 2020

    I loved this finish to start session, it makes you look at everything from a different perspective. Kate explains everything so well. I will definitely watch it again and again so that I can continue to grow and learn!

  • 5
    You can’t go wrong! Seriously!

    Posted by Cathy Kuhlman on 25th Aug 2017

    This is a fantastic breakout and it keeps getting better on a daily basis! Finish to Start is much more than a portrait or life style tutorial. I haven’t shot a portrait in a very long time (landscape and macro are my passions right now) but I found something in every video and every edit, as well as in the PDFs that pertain to almost every type of photography. I had one ah-ha moment after another! Kate’s constant presence on the boards to encourage and answer questions is immensely helpful. The PDFs are thought-filled, easily understood and thorough. The editing videos are an awesome teaching tool as she explains the hows and whys of her editing choices.She has even added bonus videos since the class started to answer questions and share her knowledge and style of editing with us! This is, by far, the best $$$ I’ve spent in a long time and maybe, just maybe, I might inspired to borrow someone’s kids and plan a shoot from Finish to Start!

  • 5
    This breakout is amazing!

    Posted by Ellen Brantley on 25th Aug 2017

    Kate adds color, tone and light to makes an image magical. Each editing video shows different ways to achieve these effects. There is so much information, I’ll definitely watch them several times! Even if children are not your primary focus, the editing information can be used with all types of photography. This is money well spent!!

  • 5
    This breakout is one of a kind!

    Posted by Bruk Weisz on 25th Aug 2017

    Kate’s PDF and all her editing and shooting videos are full of knowledge and practical information. Her constant feedback is on such a personal level I felt like I had a personal mentor.Thank You again I will definitely keep on referring back to this breakout very often.

  • 5
    This is such a brilliant breakout!

    Posted by Lucie on 25th Aug 2017

    I have always admired Kate’s work and editing style. She is the queen of colour and the way she brings images to life is incredible. Put that together with the fact that she is one of the most giving person on the CM forum, always willing to offer cc and you know you are onto a winner with this breakout. There are beautiful editing videos. The PDF really makes you think about what you are looking to achieve in your work. Goodbye Randomness, hello Vision! ❤