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Finding Light Among the Shadows with Allison McSorley

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    Allison McSorley is known for her expressive, dramatic light portraiture along with her ability to capture meaningful connections with the camera. In this breakout session, she shares the lessons she’s learned along the way, including her approach to photographing children in directional light. She provides specific pointers on using light and processing to create dramatic and compelling images. Allison also discusses overcoming unexpected obstacles, embracing authenticity, and avoiding comparison, as well as several other practical lessons to help inspire and challenge you in your own journey.



    Allison is a natural light hobby photographer currently living in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and two young children. Like many new moms, she picked up a camera early on as a means to document the milestones and fleeting everyday moments in her children’s lives. Since then, she has become passionate about creating artistic, meaningful and genuine images of her children and their journey through childhood. You can view her work at


    What will you receive?

    A 75-page PDF that covers topics such as using limited light to create strong images, color and black and white processing workflow, recognizing opportunities, embracing the unexpected and remaining true to yourself.

    Two screen capture videos totaling 25 minutes detailing Allison’s processing workflow, including her black and white conversions.

    An 8-minute screen capture video on using the clone stamp, patch, and spot healing tools in Photoshop.

    A 3-minute screen capture video on the power of Photoshop’s Multiply Blend Mode.

    30 minute Q&A video based exclusively from the questions submitted by participants of the live breakout session. 30 minute Q&A video based exclusively from the questions submitted by participants of the live breakout session.

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    1. Worth every penny and more!!!

      I have been meaning to write a review for this Breakout ever since I purchased it awhile back. I have purchase many Breakouts, since joining CM, and this one COMPLETELY transformed my photography. Not only did it give me the confidence to shoot in any lighting situation, my favorite photos are now the ones that I take in low light situations! Everyone raved about MNL1, but I couldn't afford to take it when I first started out, so I purchased this Breakout instead. I would highly recommend purchasing this Breakout if you are in the same situation. I took MNL1 later, which did have useful information, but I felt that the most important concepts I would have learned, were already covered in THIS Breakout! I am so, SO glad that I purchased it and I just wanted to share my review, so that it might help someone else. :) on 22nd Jan 2016

    2. Very helpful! Taught me how to truly shoot in the shadows and to get great black and whites!

      I thought Allisons class was one of the best breakouts I've taken. Her PDF's and videos were full of helpful information. She helped me to really understand how to shoot in the dark, within the shadows, how to convert them to really great black and white pictures. I was struggling with all of this. I would try to get those great "shadow" pictures that I see online and I could never get my camera to capture them. She teaches what to meter off of, light sources, manual focusing, what to do in low lighting, how to create a great black and white portrait! Loved it! on 8th Mar 2015

    3. Great breakout full of info!

      Wow! This breakout is FULL of information and beautiful examples. I love how Alison breaks things down and explains. Her processing videos were such a joy to watch and I walked away with some new processing skills that I can't wait to start using. Thank you Alison! on 24th Dec 2014

    4. Huge value for your $$

      Allison's break out is so full of information! I keep getting more things out each time I go through it. If you really take some time to practice the concepts Allison is presenting I can almost guarantee she will make you a stronger photographer. This break out has been such a huge value to me, well worth the price. on 26th Mar 2014

    5. Very encouraging and informative

      I really enjoyed this lesson in using available light. It really makes me want to explore the creative art of black and white with shadows more on my own. on 1st Mar 2014

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