Fearless Indoor Lighting: Your Guide to Mastering Indoor Light with Amanda Ruzicka & Lori Pickens

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Learn to harness the light inside to make beautiful images every time you shoot!

You’ll learn how light and shadows make a photograph, how to meter for different lighting conditions, and how to understand different qualities of light. Learn the secrets for using indoor light creatively as you manage different types of light (natural, artificial or combination). Find beauty in the shadows in your home, learn how to use alternative light sources to create unique images, and discover the secrets of creating special light effects including sunburst, silhouettes, and shadow play. Learn how to manage color temperature and choose the best white balance, and how to break the rules for creative effect. Amanda and Lori will teach you to manipulate indoor light. You’ll create the perfect light by using reflectors and diffusors indoors!

what you’ll get:


An eBook filled with photographing in indoor light. From direction and intensity to modifying and using alternative sources and more, you'll learn everything you need to know!

  • 4 shooting videos
  • 4 editing videos
  • 7 image study videos
  • 2 behind-the-scenes client session videos

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about your presenters

Amanda Ruzicka is a part time newborn and family photographer and full time mama. She lives in the countryside of Wisconsin with her hard working hubby, two sweet little boys, two big fur babies, and a very personable fish. She loves going for hikes in the woods, campfires, pontooning on the lake, and any time spent together with her family.

Lori Pickens is married to her best friend Nathan and they are raising two crazy twin little boys and their sweet and sassy little sister in a small West Virginia town. Lori is a database geek by day, and a lover of all things photographer pretty much every other moment of the day. She has a quote in her office that says, “More ideas than time”, which pretty much sums up the theme of her life.

Amanda and Lori met when they were both looking for a roommate for Click Away 2018. They were paired up and realized they had so much in common. They started texting and talking every day, bonded at Click Away, and a wonderful friendship continues to grow to this day.