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Everyday Color, Lines, and Composition with Vironica Golden

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    In this breakout Vironica shares her approach to lifestyle photography, from planning the session and choosing the gear to composing the frame. You will learn ways to produce beautiful and artistic images by utilizing lines, outfit choices based on the location and activity of the subject, as well as the compositional guidelines and subject placements that Vironica uses to create a pleasing composition. She also talks about how her lens and angle choices help her minimize distraction within the frame, illustrating each point with pullback images. Finally, you will learn how Vironica edits in order to achieve images that match her vision.



    • The importance of light
    • Finding and utilizing the light in your home
    • The compositional guidelines that Vironica uses
    • How to plan your lifestyle session and choose your shooting angle
    • How to find line and include them in your frame to strengthen your composition
    • How to use colors to make your subject pop
    • Tips and tricks to stay inspired when photographing your children



    93 page PDF 

    2 shooting videos

    6 editing videos totaling over 70 minutes

    28 page bonus PDF on photographing sleeping children including tips and pullbacks

    Bonus video – Behind the Scenes (photographing sleeping children)

    Clean Workflow action from Marissa Gifford Photography

    Q&A Video

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    Vironica Golden is a natural light photographer residing in Corona del Mar, California with her husband and two sons. Like many, her passion for photography began with the birth of her son and the desire to capture her family’s everyday moments in an artistic way. With a background in graphic design, she uses her love of lines, color and minimalistic composition to capture the joy and beauty of everyday life. She has been a part of ClickinMoms since March of 2012. She also enjoys running, reading, eating out, coffee and chocolate.

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    1. Super Informative and Helpful

      This was my very first BO purchased here at CM and I loved it so much! It was really easy to read and follow and really helpful. I am just a hobbyist photographer, shooting pics of my kids and family and I felt like this was really great for me to just see an environment and angles so much better. I find myself constantly looking around and doing much better at making sure the lines in the image are straight from my view finder. It just made me more aware, as I hadn't thought about some of those things prior to reading this. I really would recommend this for anyone wanting to learn be more aware of compositions and things. It was perfect! on 8th Aug 2016

    2. Easy to read.

      Great breakout, easy to follow and read. on 25th May 2016

    3. Very helpful and easy to follow along BO session

      Found this video very helpful regarding the use of lines in composition. Also learnt a few more tips re: editing in both LR and PS which I will definitely adopt in my post processing. Particularly liked the demonstration using the patch tool in PS. Didn't realise it was so easy to use - or maybe that's because it was so simply and clearly demonstrated by Veronica in one of her videos.

      All in all, this was a very clear and easy to follow BO session and I can't wait to put what I've learnt into practice.
      on 11th Dec 2015

    4. Exactly what I expecting and looking for!

      I have been waiting for a breakout dedicated to composition and how to know what you're looking for. This is exactly it! She explains mostly through images to show examples of what she's speaking about which is nice. Not only to see different ways it was done but to show that she is consistent with using lines in her images.

      I love that her style is explainable, it's not based off of her gear, it's based off of use of the environment.

      She sets challenges that I hope to get started on to help myself in seeing how to use lines and color to create a strong image.
      on 30th May 2015

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