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Capture the magic, the love, and the story of everyday life.

A “Daytripper” believes that our lives are made up of millions of moments. We are just travelers, moving through these everyday moments (often faster than we would like!)– the sweet simplicity of daily breakfasts together, the predictable protests at bedtime, the quiet moments on the couch, endless days of play during the summer. It is within these fleeting moments that we can find the evidence of who we really are. These everyday moments that will be the threads of the tapestry of a family’s history. Memories are forged into our minds, but our truth is often clouded with the passing of time, so documenting your life (or the lives of your clients!) as it is right now is more important than ever! Join Casey McCauley in a Breakout that will help you capture the magic, the love, and the story of everyday life.

what you’ll get


An 132 page eBook


Editing for Color Editing for Black & White Editing for “Less than Ideal” Light


Creative Exercises that inspire you to dig deeper, encourage you to approach your daily shooting as practice, and to face the challenges of documentary shooting head-on


Image Perspective and Stories Behind the Image Video


Link to a full gallery of images of a client session


Submit questions to the Presenter anytime during the program's duration, and receive a copy of the recorded Q&A video at the end of the breakout's run

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what you’ll learn


An introduction to family documentary photography and shooting your daily life


The importance and impact of these “game changing” moments on your photography


Discovering your approach and defining your own philosophy for shooting


How knowing yourself and asking the right questions is a key step to becoming the documentarian you hope to be


​Learning to use all of your creative tools of observation, anticipation, perspective, and composition


How to prepare, shoot, and embrace the challenges of shooting in “all of the light” that is present in everyday life


Tips for preparing and shooting your personal “day in the life”


Tips for making that transition from shooting your own family to shooting client families


A less-maddening culling process and the WHY behind choosing to edit for color or black and white.

about your presenter

Casey McCauley is a silly, loud-talking, music making, coffee addict. She is a family documentary photographer living in central Illinois where she spends the majority of her time juggling and documenting life at home with her two boys, two giant furry ladies, and her comic-book making husband. In her spare time you may find her dancing in the kitchen, planning her next road trip, or riding the occasional roller coaster (arms up, of course!)..

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  • 5
    So instructive !

    Posted by Daphné on 2nd Feb 2019

    If you are into lifestyle or storytelling photography, if you are thinking of photographing « a day in the life » - either professionally or simply with your own family - this breakout is for you. Casey walks you through her method for photographing a day in the life and gives you tons of valuable tips and advice. I learned a lot and greatly enjoyed this breakout !

  • 5
    This breakout was an absolute steal for the price!

    Posted by Laura on 4th Mar 2018

    I knew nothing about Casey heading into this and am very new to photography, so my expectations were minimal. She is warm, engaging, and real, which comes across in spades in her posts and the PDF. There is a lot to digest here, which is awesome because I came away with a bunch of lightbulb moments and ideas on how to proceed with developing my skills, which is exactly what I needed. Thanks, Casey!

  • 5
    I can’t thank enough to Casey for this amazing breakout.

    Posted by Manasi on 4th Mar 2018

    Got to learn so many things. The amount of knowledge you shared in this Bo is commendable. After this breakout I got a new vision to look towards my photography which was a game changer. Without wasting time I decided to document Day in a life of my family which allowed me to explore what Casey explained in this breakout. The exercise given in the BO are so cool. How can I miss to talk about the editing videos? Casey you actually chose challenging images for editing videos and I am so thankful for it. One day would love to attend a masterclass by Casey till then let me just enjoy and practice more and more whats been taught by Casey in this BO. Lots of love to Casey.

  • 5
    This is my first breakout and I am blown away!

    Posted by Danielle on 4th Mar 2018

    Casey has jam packed this breakout with so much great information and tips. It is so clear that she has poured her heart and soul into sharing what she knows. The conversations and sharing on the live run forum are great – wish I had joined sooner. Casey is incredibly active on the forum in both giving feedback and connecting with everyone. This breakout was the kick I needed to get over only having a phone camera to use right now (she’s got some awesome iPhone skills!) – thank you Casey!! When is your next breakout Casey?! :)

  • 5
    I have bought lots of Break Outs over the years, but this is easily one of my new favorites!

    Posted by Lori Pickens on 4th Mar 2018

    I always love a good lesson that includes actual exercises that I can follow and this one has several. They help walk you through identifying your own style and voice, and also tips for how to work up to shooting a day in the life or even just documenting your day to day life and memories you don’t want to forget. More than anything I love Casey’s style of purposeful shooting, and her section on creative compositions would be worth the prices of the break out alone! You know how when you learn something knew and it finally just clicks… and people always say, once you finally see it, you can’t not see it? I feel like that is what happened with me and interesting compositions section!!! I’m starting to see examples of framing, layering, shadow play and so much more all around me. Towards the end of the break out, with my new found tips and confidence from Casey, I did shoot a full day in the life of my family. I attempted one about this time last year, and by dinner time I was about ready to quit! This time, I felt like by lunch I had found my stride, and by dinner it felt like all of my creative juices were flowing. I am really proud of the images I captured, and feel like they are much more thoughtful and interesting than I could have ever created before this break out. I cannot recommend it, and Casey’s work enough!!!