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Creating Emotional Imagery Using Relationships and Light with Julie Paisley

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    As a wedding and portrait photographer, Julie Paisley is known for her ability to find the perfect light. She is also committed to connecting with her clients by building relationships with them long before the shoot happens. When she combines light and relationships, magic happens! In this Breakout, Julie will show you how she finds and connects with her ideal clients, what she does to build relationships with her subjects, and how she gets them to trust her so they can relax, giving way to natural posing. Then, you’ll go behind the scenes with Julie to discover how she finds the right light to give her photographs her signature look. 


    • How to find and connect with your ideal subject/client
    • How to build a relationship with your subject
    • How to communicate natural posing
    • How to get your subjects to relax and be natural during their shoot
    • How to find and use light to create emotion



    A PDF with images and explanations of Julie’s process

    The questionnaires that Julie uses to get to know her subjects

    Two videos of real sessions so you can see how Julie works with her subjects – Mother/Child and Couple

    Q&A Video

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    Julie Paisley is a wife to her college sweetheart and a mama to two of the coolest kiddos on the planet. She is a Hybrid (both film and digital) wedding photographer and mentor and has had the privilege of traveling the world shooting weddings and teaching workshops. Julie has been published in every major wedding blog, several national and international magazines and has been named one of the top 100 wedding photographers in the world. Known for her love of light and the ability to capture real emotion, Julie’s work can be described as “dreamy, romantic and real”.

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    1. What a gorgeous breakout!

      Julie’s work is incredibly beautiful and she is so talented in her ability to capture emotion and use amazing light to enhance that emotion! I really enjoyed reading through her PDF and gaining insight into how she runs her business, connects with her clients in order to draw out natural emotion in her work, how she masterfully works with light (especially backlight and open shade), how she captures variety during her shoots, how she ensures locations will add to her signature look and style, and how she directs her sessions in order to capture her images. I was completely drawn into her shooting videos and loved learning from her how to direct a session, pose naturally and manage light. I adore her energy! Julie also includes client questionnaires and an editing video on how to edit images with a film look. Julie is clearly passionate about her art and it is inspiring and informative to watch her conduct her sessions and edit a digital image in a way that enhances emotional connection in beautiful light. on 3rd Jun 2016

    2. What a treat it was to read through this stunning Breakout.

      Julie’s work is absolutely gorgeous, and her use of light is incredible. Julie is a not only an amazing wedding photographer, she also does beautiful and heartfelt family sessions which simply exude love and connection. In this Breakout she walks you through every step of the process of building the clients and business you want, starting with your very own website. Julie explains how building a relationship with the clients before the session helps improve the connections during the session and even includes the questionnaire she uses for building these relationships. Julie demonstrates exactly how to place couples or families to maximize a location and the available light, and explains how she is able to achieve her “signature” dreamy backlight look. I think one of the most truly helpful pieces of this Breakout were the shooting videos. Julie committed to her own growth as a photographer by analyzing each session afterwards, determining what went well in the session, and examining what could have gone better. She also included an example of the full client gallery. Those little details really help set the expectations for a session and demonstrate what both the photographer and the client can expect. No matter your area of specialty, the way Julie demonstrates using light and connection in her imagery, you will certainly be inspired to bring those elements to your own work, just as I am. on 3rd Jun 2016

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    • Julie Paisley Breakout Promo

    Julie Paisley Breakout Promo
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