click spring 2021 single issue-print version

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Spring 2021-Single Print Issue 

CLICK is a magazine that inspires and empowers, catering to the social, creative, artistic, and business needs of women as artists, hobbyists, and professional photographers. Every page celebrates the passion women feel for photography.

  • Jess Manns: Love Out Loud
  • Jessica Chase Frezza Svoboda & The Mending Lens
  • Nadia Anochie and Her Pop Art • Camera bags, totes and accessories for adventure
  • Nivea Velez Walker • Love of the Lasting Kind with Aimee Glucina
  • Creativity Exercise: Calm in Composition by Sarah Wilkerson
  • Good to Great: 29 Subtle posing, lighting and perspective shifts that will transform your work
  • 20 Ideas for Social Media Greatness • Black-and-white landscape photography
  • The Butterfly Effect: Far more than art and craft, photography can be a passage to a new you with Amy Dangerfield, Kathy Roberts, Karthika Gupta, Beth Shepherd, Monica Chindalia

This is for the SINGLE print issue of the Spring 2021 Click Magazine.

100 pages-available.

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