click may/june 2016 single issue-digital version

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May/June 2016-Single Digital Issue

CLICK is a magazine that inspires and empowers, catering to the social, creative, artistic, and business needs of women as artists, hobbyists, and professional photographers. Every page celebrates the passion women feel for photography.

In this issue:

  • Modern Family: Your guide to the crazy, terrifying, wonderful world of family photography.
  • The latest & greatest new cameras
  • Startup Guide: What to really, truly expect your first year in business.
  • Film & Digital: Confessions of a hybrid shooter.
  • Close & Wide: Use a wide-angle lens to heighten the moment.
  • Paralyzed by Perfect: Stop punishing yourself and start enjoying your photography again!
  • 4 Light-shaping solutions
  • Become Mother Nature with photo editing
  • Candice Zugich: Learn to share what you're feeling.
  • Lightness of Being with Pilar Franco Borrell
  • Once around with Elizabeth Cecil
This is for the SINGLE back issue of the May/June 2016 Click Magazine in digital format.
  • 124 pages-available in DIGITAL format.


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