click magazine 2016 complete set-6 digital issues

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2016 Click Magazine Bundle

CLICK is a magazine that inspires and empowers, catering to the social, creative, artistic, and business needs of women as artists, hobbyists, and professional photographers. Every page celebrates the passion women feel for photography.

This Digital bundle contains all six 2016 issues in pdf form:

  • January/February 2016 issue:

Our first issue of 2016 features the inspiring work of Katy Tuttle, Ami Vitale and Magdalena Berny. Learn from photographers Rachel Nielsen and Jo Lien who explore the power of focus and compositional framing respectively. Megan Cieloha thoughtfully tackles the why of a portrait and Jenna Kutcher takes us inside her world of a very big business booming in a very small town. And you won’t want to miss our power-packed special feature on newborns — nine experts in the field are here to help you take your newborn imagery to the next level! 122 pages.

  • March/April 2016 issue:

In this issue:Natural posing: 47 incredible ideas --Tips for lovely light: Make it happen anywhere, anytime --The very best tips for amazing senior photos --The brand of you: Unleash your greatest marketing power --Best sellers: Hot senior products around the country and --Living and photographing the good life with Tara Donne. 124 pages.

  • May/June 2016 issue:

In this issue:Modern Family: Your guide to the crazy, terrifying wonderful world of family photography --The latest & greatest new cameras --Startup Guide: What to really, truly expect your first year in business --Film & Digital: Confessions of a hybrid shooter --Close & Wide: Use a wide-angle lens to heighten the moment --Paralyzed by Perfect: Stop punishing yourself and start enjoying your photography again! --4 Light-shaping solution, Become Mother Nature with photo editing --Candice Zugich: Learn to share what you're feeling --Lightness of Being with Pilar Franco Borrell --Once around with Elizabeth Cecil. 124 pages.

  • July/August 2016 issue:

In this issue:Pro secrets to amazing iPhone photos --High Noon: Rock the light of summer all day long  --Find the emotion in landscape with Welsh photographer Finn Beales. --Our Favorite Photo Albums & Books Right Now --Best Location Gear --The joy of summer with Ardelle Neubert  --Instagram maven Amanda Jane Jones found her happy place on the border of photography and graphic design. --6 Tips for Happy Free-Lensing  --How She Does It: A peek into four photographers' workflow and technology choices --April Riehm & Ken Kinzie made a life, family, and career of capturing the flux of families. 124 pages.

  • September/October 2016 issue:

In this issue: --The official Voice Collection issue: All 211 Voice Collection images featured --The best camera bags of 2016! --How to hang a gallery wall --Sarah Wilkerson on letting go --Yan Palmer: Staying true to yourself --Head Games: Battle your fear of failure. 124 pages.

  • November/December 2016 issue:

In this issue: --The Annual Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers --Black & White --Best Sellers: The top display products this season --Affordable but lovely Client Gifts--How to use video in your sessions --Natural Newborns --For the Love of It: Learning to follow your bliss --Nirav Patel's poetic heart --Jason Peterson walks the line --Twyla Jones & her painted dreams. 124 pages.

 All issues are digital in pdf form. Due to the nature of the product, there are no refunds on digital products.

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