click magazine 2015 complete set-6 digital issues

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2015 Click Magazine Bundle

CLICK is a magazine that inspires and empowers, catering to the social, creative, artistic, and business needs of women as artists, hobbyists, and professional photographers. Every page celebrates the passion women feel for photography.

This Digital bundle contains all six 2015 issues in pdf form:

  • January/February 2015 issue:

The January/February 2015 issue features an eye-opening essay on the importance of creativity by Karen Walrond and an interview with commercial interior and food photographer Fawn DeViney. We also take a walk through some of the world’s greatest cities with Vivienne Gucwa and learn about powerful family posing. Sarah Lalone shares her guidance on how artists can discover their unique and ever-evolving style. 160 pages.

  • March/April 2015 issue:

The March/April 2015 issue features an in-depth exploration on seeing light and learning to harness the power of illumination. We spend time with the stunning and diverse artistry of Peggy Wong, Lexia Frank, Rob Howard and Holly Donovan. And Lisa Tichané shares her secrets of how to capture authentic joy in your photography. How often do you dream of containing the chaos of your everyday existence? Amy Lockheart and Jodi Arego and a bevy of creative contributors offer some thoughtful and real-world solutions for better time, workflow and client management. 144 pages.

  • May/June 2015 issue:

CLICK magazine’s spring issue features imagery from a world of amazing artists. The work of Kristina Varaksina, who is fascinated by women’s complex inner life, explores notions of beauty and self. We feature Ginger Unzueta whose images of summer perfectly capture the joy of the season. We also feature an essay by Roxanne Bryant, who explores the nurturing of an undaunted creative soul, driven solely by “the sheer joy of making.” And Alison Conklin writes movingly of the significance of photography in sustaining meaningful connections to those she holds dearest — poignant yet inspiring reading for our Mother’s Day issue. 146 pages.

  • July/August 2015 issue:

CLICK magazine’s summer issue features imagery designed to inspire your best summer work and adventures. We kick things off with a special getaway guide tailor-made for photographers. We visit with globetrotting artists such as Megan Cieloha, whose photo essay on the land of her forefathers, the gorgeous island of Sicily, will enchant you, and Jenny Zarins, whose booming career as a travel and fashion photographer is fueled by her courage never to rely on the expected path. And we profile the legendary Gentl & Hyers, who are doing some of the most stunning commercial work today. 162 pages.

  • September/October 2015 issue:

CLICK magazine’s 17th issue features an in-depth package on exploring your creativity in the art and craft of post capture, profiles of gifted photographers Aimee McNamee and Alice Gao, a special look at how to create intimacy in your imagery by Dana Lauder and the gallery of the Best Photos of the Year — the winners from the 2015 Voice Collection. 164 pages.

  • November/December 2015 issue:

The November/December issue is packed with photography education and inspiring artists. Jane Farrell covers how to photograph unique and natural couples and Allison McSorley explains how to find light among the shadows. Don't miss our special guide on how to sell your work and start earning more with your photography. The issue also marks the debut of an exciting new column, "Out of the Woods," by Julia Woods. Our featured artists include Ditte Isager, Caroline Jensen, Aline Smithson, Arthur Meyerson and Suzanne Gipson. 166 pages.

All issues are digital in pdf form. Due to the nature of the product, there are no refunds on digital products.

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