click magazine 2014 complete set-6 digital issues

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 2014 Click Magazine Bundle

CLICK is a magazine that inspires and empowers, catering to the social, creative, artistic, and business needs of women as artists, hobbyists, and professional photographers. Every page celebrates the passion women feel for photography.

This Digital bundle contains all six 2014 issues in pdf form:

  • January/February 2014 issue:

The first of 2014, CLICK’s Jan/Feb issue features imagery from the magnificent Sue Bryce, whose work is made even more beautiful by its mission to help women feel more comfortable and confident with themselves.Carolyn Hampton’s work evokes the dreamy and wonderfully haunting stories of childhood and wedding photographer Kate Headley captures some of life’s happiest moments with a natural touch and an elegant eye. Product Editor Amy Lucy Lockheart has assembled a special section to help you start the year off right: Your guide to keeping it simple and getting the balance in your life back that you so richly deserve! 148 pages.

  • March/April 2014 issue:

CLICK’s March/April issue features the incandescent imagery of Elizabeth Messina, one of the best wedding and editorial photographers working in our industry today. Also featured this issue is the magnificent John Dolan. Dolan’s most recent splash was his turn as the cover artist for a 2013 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings with an image he captured of actress (and bride) Kate Bosworth. Spring is here and we get down in the dirt with Clare Barboza, who offers bucolic workshops on farm photography. And the issue features an insightful interview with Elizabeth Gilbert of “Eat, Pray Love” fame. Gilbert is a keynote speaker at Clickin Moms’ upcoming ClickAway conference, being held this September in Salt Lake City. 148 pages.

  • May/June 2014 issue:

The May/June issue of CLICK magazine features the bold and beautiful Kate T. Parker, a profile of globetrotting editorial and adverising phenom, Erin Kunkel, and a very special essay on motherhood and photography penned by the magical and gifted Amy Grace. Also this issue, we bring you a piece near and dear to our hearts, a styled shoot from world-famous photographer Johnny Miller on the movement called Letters to Our Daughters & Sons. 156 pages.

  • July/August 2014 issue:

The July/August issue of Click features the inspiring work of Joy Prouty, Kirsty Larmour, Emily Nathan and Cole Thompson. Look for a road trip captured by Summer Murdock and a profile of Sweet Paul, the modern-day Martha. We’re also proud to present Louis, our elegant cover model, and cover photographer Kristin Dokoza’s beloved French bulldog. 144 pages.

  • September/October 2014 issue:

CLICK magazine’s autumn issue features imagery from the gifted and travel and food photographer Nicole Franzen. We meet the amazing Brooke Shaden, whose complex and provoking conceptual images are sure to capture your imagination. Then CJ Nicolai shares some her most inspiring and life-changing advice for creative in all walks of life. Product Editor Amy Lucy Lockheart searched the world over for a selection of this year’s new camera bags and straps. And finally, we present a very special gallery featuring the top image-makers from Clickin Moms’ 2014 Voice Collection. 160 pages.

  • November/December 2014 issue:

The November/December issue features Click’s annual holiday guide — a gift-giving extravaganza for anyone who loves photography. Look for gifts to give your clients, gifts that feature your beautiful work, and gifts to give your favorite photographer — maybe that’s you! We’re also peeking into the fascinating world of Japan-based photographer Meredith Novario and meeting one of the most stunning wedding artists working today, KT Merry. We also spotlight the absolutely breathtaking commercial work of Kate Mathis. 160 pages.

All issues are digital in pdf form. Due to the nature of the product, there are no refunds on digital products.  

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