click jan/feb 2017 single issue-digital version

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January/February 2017-Single Digital Issue

CLICK is a magazine that inspires and empowers, catering to the social, creative, artistic, and business needs of women as artists, hobbyists, and professional photographers. Every page celebrates the passion women feel for photography.

In this issue:

  • The #LoveYourself Issue!
  • 11 creativity exercises to help you fall in love with photography all over again.
  • Find Your Style: Discover who you are
  • Soul Mates: Attract the clients you love
  • 27 Steps to Design Your Dream Space
  • Jayme Ford's family photography
  • Expressive Editing: Harness the power of post-processing to evoke emotion and mood.
  • The Peerless Ed Peers
  • Instagram star: Italian photographer Simone Bramante


This is for the SINGLE back issue of the January/February 2017 Click Magazine in digital format.
  • 120 pages-available in DIGITAL format.

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