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January/February 2014-Single Print Issue

CLICK is a magazine that inspires and empowers, catering to the social, creative, artistic, and business needs of women as artists, hobbyists, and professional photographers. Every page celebrates the passion women feel for photography.

  • January/February 2014 issue:

The first of 2014, CLICK’s Jan/Feb issue features imagery from the magnificent Sue Bryce, whose work is made even more beautiful by its mission to help women feel more comfortable and confident with themselves.Carolyn Hampton’s work evokes the dreamy and wonderfully haunting stories of childhood and wedding photographer Kate Headley captures some of life’s happiest moments with a natural touch and an elegant eye. Product Editor Amy Lucy Lockheart has assembled a special section to help you start the year off right: Your guide to keeping it simple and getting the balance in your life back that you so richly deserve!

  • 148 pages

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