Bringing Your Vision to Life: Emotive Portraits from Shoot to Print

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There’s something so powerful about holding your memories in your hand.

Join Anita Perminova in a Breakout session that will help you to create emotive, yet simple, portraits using natural lighting techniques. You’ll get an inside look at how she brings her vision to life– you’ll see how she sets her scene, captures the image and edits with the printed photograph in mind. Throughout the Breakout, Anita shares her process for creating emotive portraits, shooting with Lensbaby lenses, understanding and using color management, as well as making shooting and post-production decisions.
Anita even walks you through her process for choosing a suitable paper for the finished print, whether you are using a custom printer or an online printing service. With easy to follow reading materials and videos on the elements needed to produce quality portraits and prints, the information and techniques Anita teaches apply to all photographers (no matter what genre you shoot!).

what you’ll get

An eBook covering Anita’s style and approach

Learn how to manipulate your images in Lightroom and Photoshop from start to finish

Outdoor shooting video covering a wide range of Lensbaby lenses

Anita’s Photoshop workflow actions that will help you to speed up your editing process

Strengthen your photographic skills and learn effective shooting techniques to capture child emotive portraits
Explore light and discover editing techniques that will help you to enhance your portraits

Submit questions to the Presenter anytime during the program's duration, and receive a copy of the recorded Q&A video at the end of the breakout's run

*Please note: All items in this listing are digital downloads that must be downloaded to a computer (you may transfer to an iPad after your original download to a computer).  Due to the nature of digital downloads, they are non-refundable.

what you’ll learn


How to apply color theory to help you add a deeper context, express the final vision of your images and translate it beautifully from a digital file to a print.


How to find and use available light in any location as a tool for visual communication and accomplishing your visual goals.


How to recognize compositional elements and frame it the best way possible.


How to create your images with intent, make your portraits more expressive, and help them to stand the greater test of time.


Watch Anita’s overall approach to post-production from start to finish in a series of step-by-step video tutorials on how to edit your best images in Lightroom and Photoshop without presets and actions.


How to post-process your images for print and how large you can print.


How to choose a suitable paper to realize your artistic intent and how to handle the whole printing process through a custom printer or an online printing service.


about your presenter

Anita Perminova is a portrait photographer, filmmaker, educator and a contributing artist at Offset living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She’s passionate about turning real life into fine art. She loves to create simple, yet classic, emotive portraits of her children and capture details that define the present stage of their childhood in just one frame. You can view more of Anita’s work at

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  • 5
    You have to get this breakout.

    Posted by Natalie Brunsman on 30th Apr 2018

    There is truly something for everyone. You may be at the beginning of your photography journey or very experienced and I promise you’ll learn something new and enjoy what Anita has to offer. It’s truly a steal. I am learning so much and there is tons of interaction going on right now in the forum. Anita does a wonderful job explaining everything in detail and in a way that everyone can understand. I was so excited for her information on taking portraits and the detail she gives on color management is so insightful. Her videos are great to watch as she walks you through how to edit. For me I know I’ll be coming out of this breakout as a better photographer.

  • 5
    I discovered Anita’s work last year and have been a huge fan of her images since, especially her portraits and her lensbaby photos.

    Posted by Catherine on 30th Apr 2018

    She has always been willing to share her work and knowledge questions so I was really looking forward to her breakout regarding Emotive portraits. And I have not been disappointed, one of the best breakouts I have purchased.
    She shares so many information regarding composition, lighting, lenses, post-processing techniques, color management and printing. It is so detailed and helpful. The two complete pdf’s are beautiful and very well presented and I am looking forward to discover more about her editing tips in her 14 (yes 14!) videos.
    I have really enjoyed watching her bonus video on shooting with different lensbaby lenses. I am looking into purchasing one and this video is a great help in making the right decision.
    You can tell Anita has put her heart and soul into every part of this breakout and you will not be disappointed! I would strongly advise to get the BO while it is live as Anita is just amazing with her cc and all the information she provides on the forum. Well done Anita!

  • 5
    I decided that I would be picky about the breakouts I purchased this year, and when I read the description of this one I knew I would be signing up

    Posted by Nasreen on 30th Apr 2018

    – finally something different on offer! I have not been disappointed. The pdf is beautifully presented and provides an insight into Anita’s thought process while shooting, covering composition and lighting techniques. I love the attention to detail in the section regarding colour! Anita then walks us through post-processing, with a step-by-step look into her editing process in LR and PS, from importing and culling, to editing and retouching, to preparing images for print – yes, it is really thorough! This section is supported by many detailed videos (12 editing videos!) that have finally helped me get over my fear of Photoshop and boosted my confidence about obtaining prints that I love. This will be a valuable resource for me into the future. She is also editing 5 images from participants, so we will be able to get even more editing goodness! The forum is enthusiastic and Anita is right there with us, providing feedback and answering questions. I really think this BO is excellent value for money. I’m looking forward to printing some beautiful images of my own thanks to Anita and this amazing BO!

  • 5
    I have loved Anita’s work for some time!

    Posted by Leah McLean on 30th Apr 2018

    I have been going through the materials over the last two days and I have not been disappointed.

    The focus of this breakout is on creating emotive portraits and seeing them through till the final print. There is something in this breakout for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned pro. Anita hits the “basics” by discussing how she crafts an image through design and compositional elements, selecting lenses to match your vision and a great segment on color theory. She also hits the technical side of printing and discusses color space and how to get the best possible print of your images.

    Anita has been very responsive to any questions and engaged with the students in the class. I would highly recommend you take this BO while it is live and take advantage of getting Anita’s feedback.

    Things I love:

    The amount of information packed into her PDF and videos. I am still working through it all.
    The scope of topics she discusses while still covering them in a thorough manner, she is not glossing over anything.

    That she shows her editing from start to finish without resorting to a preset that I am going to have to purchase. My pet peeve with workshops and BO’s is having to purchase a preset in order to follow along with the edit. I have used LR from it’s first Beta version and still I learned some new stuff from Anita’s editing videos.

    I have never participated in a “perfect” workshop and I want to include both pros and cons for every review I give. Things I would change (and I am nit-picking because I really feel that this is a quality BO packed full of useful and inspiring information)…

    English is not Anita’s first language and I had to listen to some parts of her videos a second time to understand here through her charming accent. :) She has a very good grasp on the english language but her accent can make her a little hard to understand. In no way would I let this keep you from purchasing this BO as I think it is packed full of knowledge and something I will want to watch several times anyway. But I was trying to find some constructive criticism to offer and that is all I have. :)

    I would recommend this BO to everyone but especially to those who have questions about light, lens selection, composition elements, portraiture, and printing your images. So basically everyone. :)

    For the price of this breakout I don’t see how you could regret the purchase!