Bold, Emotional, Colorful Lifestyle Imagery

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Create images that you can FEEL.

Do you want to learn how to create beautiful, bold, colorful images full of emotion? In this Breakout you’ll get a behind the scenes look at how Erica Williams creates art that evokes natural emotion and images with purpose. This Breakout will help you take your art to the next level! Inside you’ll find a directing guide to help you create family moments that makes you FEEL something. Then Erica will show you how she creates images from start to finish, including types of light she uses, composition techniques, white balance, color theory, using sun flare and more!

what you’ll get:


125 page E-Book 


Four editing videos in LR 


Two families in-home and one family on-location


The Magic of Freelensing PDF 


A look at inside Erica's home and how she uses light in her own home

Q & A video

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what you’ll learn:


Introduction to lifestyle photography


Importance of creating emotion for powerful images that make you feel


How to direct families in a natural way


How to create connections between families


How to create more powerful images through creative composition


How light and color can impact an image


How color theory can play a role in the emotions through an image


Tips and tricks to creating a colorful image and warm skin tones


How Erica approaches both types of sessions and prepares clients


about your presenter

Erica Williams is a lifestyle photographer based in North, Dallas Texas. She is a mother to 3 children and a wife to her high school sweet heart of 15 years, and she has specialized in emotional lifestyle photography for families and newborns since 2008. With a background in art and interior design, she is passionate about photography and loves creating emotional imagery that speaks to the soul. Erica’s work has been featured on photography blogs and published in national magazines, such as Beauty Revived and Click Magazine.

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    Posted by Sarah Ross on 30th Apr 2018

    Erica seems lovely, her photographs are beautiful and I'm sure she's put blood sweat and tears into creating this breakout, however, I was really hopeful based on the breakout description, that I would come across some great behind the scenes videos where I'd see how she guides her clients from start to finish in order to bring out that emotion she speaks of. I felt that her videos were simply 30mins of her clicking her shutter button, with very minimal client direction involved. Sometimes the clients looked as awkward and lost as mine do when I am struggling to think of ways to get them to interact naturally. This of course, was the main reason for purchasing. Only once you purchase the breakout will you discover that she says in the ebook that she does very little directing. There is no doubt that there are some helpful tips in this breakout, but I think the main attraction for a lot of photographers are the behind the scenes videos, and I felt these were somewhat disappointing.

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    This breakout is amazing!!

    Posted by Tammy Schlievert on 20th Mar 2018

    I have been doing part-time photography for a few years now and I feel as if I’ve gained SO much information to help my business in this one breakout! It was such an easy read, with beautiful pictures to go along with it!. I love the behind the scene look into her sessions. That has really been helpful! I’m on the editing videos now and am excited to see what else I am going to learn! Thank you, Erica!

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    This breakout was so awesome!

    Posted by Nikki Dunnahoo on 20th Mar 2018

    Erica did a phenomenal job creating an engaging and informative breakout full of tips. I loved the ideas she shared for photographing real connections and emotions, and can’t wait to put so many of her tips into action. She shares so many practical ways to interact with clients to really capture their personalities AND shares her session workflow which was super helpful for me to read. I would definitely recommend this breakout to anyone who really wants to capture real life emotions and moments for their clients and/or their own family. I’m looking forward to trying out her suggestions for freelensing too…something I’ve heard so much about but was super intimidated by until reading Erica’s bonus PDF!

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    This breakout is SO AMAZING!!!

    Posted by Donna Stevens on 20th Mar 2018

    I feel like a close friend sat me down and shared with me everything that would help me succeed as a photographer!!! From color theory to how to conduct a shoot to how to prep clients on what to wear, and so much more, Erica shares her secrets to help take your photography to the next level. Erica’s generous info, and videos are all so top notch, as are the exercises, which really got me thinking about what I love about our work. It’s been one of the best breakouts I’ve taken here, and that’s pretty high praise!!!! Just buy it already!

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    There has been so much information and such heartfelt love behind this breakout!

    Posted by Amanda on 20th Mar 2018

    Erica does such an amazing job of explaining her process and puts her heart into this breakout. I love that you can find so many different thoughts as well from finding light to using color to creating emotive images. I am so glad that I got this, you won’t regret this purchase!!