Behind the Scenes Volume 2: Ordinary to Extraordinary with Pullbacks and Processing

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Have you ever wondered how some photographers create their magical images? Surely it must be an amazing location with gorgeous light and magical processing all wrapped up in one image, right? In this Breakout you’ll go behind the scenes with five photographers to see how they make extraordinary photographs with ordinary locations and light! In over ten hours of video, you’ll see how Candice Zugich, Kyla Ewert, Mae Burke, Elizabeth Blank, and Meg Loeks create images from start to finish. You’ll see over seventy images– each image is accompanied by a video that includes the pullback, the straight out of camera image, and a processing video. As an added bonus, some of the videos include shooting footage and an opportunity to listen in as the presenters discuss their thoughts on composition, perspective and more– you’ll even see additional photographs and outtakes in some of the series!


• How to make an ordinary location extraordinary through composition, perspective and processing
• How five photographers create images in their signature style
• How to transform any location– from urban to rural– into a beautiful backdrop for your subjects
• Processing tips and tricks that you can use in your own work (Lightroom and Photoshop)
• How to minimize a cluttered location through composition and perspective



A PDF with over 100 finished photographs with pullbacks and straight out of camera images

Over fifteen hours of video where the photographer takes you through each of her images, showing pullbacks and a start to finish edit

An interview about style and location with Candice Zugich, Kyla Ewert, Mae Burke, Elizabeth Blank, and Meg Loeks

Q&A Video

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Meg Loeks lives just outside a small town in West Michigan with her husband and three little boys. She’s drawn to low light, color, environmental portraiture, minimalism and fine art photography. She’s most comfortable outside playing with her family, baking, snowboarding and reading a good historical fiction novel.

Mae Burke is a passionate homeschooling mother and artist. Using natural light in intimate environments, she captures the joy, peace, and fulfillment of motherhood that is often lost in the chaotic exhaustion of daily life through simple and emotive portraits. Her work can be found in photography websites and magazines around the world and on the cell phone screen-savers of mamas all over the US.

Proud wife to Tyler, blessed Mama to Atticus, Sullivan and Pepper, Kyla Ewert spends her days trying to take in their smallness, eating too many sweets, and surprised every day at 4pm that she still has to make dinner. She loves a good wheat ale beer, entertaining in her home, and chasing sunsets in her minivan full of kids and a camera bag. When she’s not taking pictures she’s charging her camera’s battery and making the most of these long days and short years.

Elizabeth Blank is a newborn, child and family photographer just outside of Atlanta, Georgia where she lives with her husband and three young children. Her work has earned international awards and has been published in both local and national publications. She holds a Masters degree in Education and truly enjoys being able to combine her background in that field with her love of photography when the opportunity presents itself!

Candice Zugich is an emotionally bound artist that finds the beauty in creating intimacy and connections through light and movement. Through her work she creates emotions that are valued from her subjects. Her work is created for those that seek something different.

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  • 3
    Files need to be better organized

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Feb 2018

    Very helpful tips, but the files you download should be labeled with the instructors name. It would be very helpful as you try and refer back to the right video. I also would like the instructors to give more technical explanation as to why they are doing what they are doing in the editing. Some instructors are better than others at this.

  • 5
    I Loved being able to watch the experts work !!

    Posted by Ally Quinlan on 6th Jul 2017

    This was so worth the money !! I loved being able to follow along with such talented, professional photographers and see first hand the care and detail they put into setting up their shots and editing their images. I gained so much from this experience; there were lots of "ohhhhh that's how it's done!" moments for me. I can't thank these women enough for the time and expertise they put into this breakout!

  • 5
    Hands down, worth every cent and so much more!

    Posted by Tahlia on 27th Feb 2017

    This breakout is full of the best information for not only turning your average images into something beyond amazing but it also opens your eyes to things you may never have thought would make a difference.
    Talk about magicians revealing their secrets! Five absolutely amazing photographers, all with very different styles, take you behind the scenes with them so you can see everything from start to finish, from the pullback of the location to the SOOC photo through the whole editing process to the completed image – absolutely amazing and nothing short of inspiring! If that wasn’t enough, also included is interviews with each photographer giving you an insight into what they look for when finding a location as well as the tips and tricks they use to bring out the magic in their photos and much more!
    There are so many videos included that make you feel that you are sitting right there with them, watching every move they make as they edit away while explaining what they are doing and why they are doing it. Plus they added in footage from when they were on location, giving you a front row seat into their creative process!
    This breakout is so amazing that I am certain anyone and everyone, from beginner to professional, will enjoy it and possibly even learn something new – I know I have!

  • 5
    Oh My Goodness!!!

    Posted by Anna on 27th Feb 2017

    This breakout has been so amazing. Getting to see all the different perspectives of such great artists making the most out of just ordinary locations has been so awesome. Being able to see all the pullbacks and final edits of these images, and getting to see each photographer edit in the videos has been so helpful, not just in learning new techniques, but realizing that sometimes it’s ok to play around with your post processing to get that final image that you had visualized when you took the photo. This breakout is just packed with such amazing information. I am so happy I purchased this breakout.

  • 5
    This is an amazing breakout with so much information!

    Posted by Grace Medina on 27th Feb 2017

    There is hours of videos that will teach you so many new editing techniques. Also, the instructors really show you the ordinary locations they shoot at and show you how to take advantage of light, position, elements in your environment to make a great photo. Best thing is that all instructors are super engaged and answer your questions. So join live if you can! I’m super happy i purchased this!