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A Story of Love and Joy: Capturing Connections in Lifestyle Newborn Photography (Tichané and Garvey)

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    This item will retire on 2/17/18!

    Lifestyle photographers Kelly Garvey and Lisa Tichane share a passion for photographing babies in an authentic, natural way. They strongly believe in telling the story of a growing family, instead of focusing on the infant alone. They have teamed up to share years of experience and learning, to teach you everything they know about shooting lifestyle sessions, and to bring together photographic perspectives from separate sides of the world. They will guide you through their lifestyle philosophies, workflows, and strategies — from preparing for a newborn session to capturing connections to editing to business matters. Along the way, they’ll compare and contrast their approaches in order to help the readers find their very own lifestyle path.

    This breakout session is jam-packed with hands-on tips and advice, including several troubleshooting case studies teaching you how to make the best out of your session even in challenging circumstances, business advice on how to get started with lifestyle sessions (or switch to lifestyle if you were already a newborn photographer), video examples of real-life newborn family sessions on location, and watch-me-edit videos.

    Whether you are a hobbyist, an aspiring pro, or a seasoned pro wanting to embrace lifestyle in newborn sessions, this breakout will guide you through everything you need to know to document this special time of life in the most natural way and to look at newborn photography with fresh, new eyes.



    • Why embracing lifestyle in newborn photography can be a fabulous decision for yourself, your clients, and your business
    • How to make the most of the space and light you have on location
    • How to best prepare your clients for a smooth, stress-free session
    • How to build and maintain relationships with your clients and help them feel comfortable being themselves
    • How to nail your session even if difficult situations: dark client house, cluttered client house, fussy baby…
    • How to best approach a session that includes young siblings
    • How you can recreate a lifestyle environment in a natural light studio
    • How everything you’ve learned about newborn sessions can also help you work with older non-sitting babies (3-6 month-olds)
    • How you can recreate a lifestyle environment in a natural light studio
    • Endless sources of inspiration for lifestyle images including not only the baby, but also every single member of the family (even the furry ones!)
    • Lisa’s and Kelly’s approach to editing lifestyle newborn images in Photoshop
    • Lisa’s and Kelly’s pricing models along with the background of how they got where they are
    • How other artists define their own lifestyle newborn voice (featuring Mae Burke, Michael Kormos and Brittany Chandler)



    PDF #1: Lifestyle– why and how

    PDF #2: Nailing the session

    PDF #3: It’s all about the family

    PDF #4: Inspiration for non-sitting babies

    PDF #5: Inspiration from our featured artists (Mae Burke, Michael Kormos, Brittany Chandler)

    1 professional shooting video (see Kelly in action as she shoots two newborn sessions in her clients’ homes) 

    2 editing videos (Kelly’s editing process, Lisa’s editing process) 

    Q&A Video

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    Lisa Tichané is a natural light photographer located in Marseille, France.  She is a lifestyle photographer at heart, and her newborn work is a natural extension of the way she shoots families, focusing on raw emotion, joy, connections and interactions. Her style is playful, clean and true-to-life with a definite cheeky side.  In her down time, you can usually find her doing silly things with her boys. She has a passion for laughter and loves to capture it in camera, as well as to infuse her daily life with giggles and belly laughs. She is a workshop instructor (Capturing Joy), a published author in France and her work has been featured in many leading national and international books and magazines. Her work can be found at

    Kelly Garvey is a natural light, lifestyle photographer in Houston, TX who sees beauty in the everyday and loves to photograph families in all their realness. Kelly believes that all that matters is love and has a passion for capturing the love that lives inside everyone’s hearts on camera. She is drawn to images that are care free, fun and full of connection. When Kelly is not taking pictures she is surrounded by boys doing “boy stuff” with her two sons and husband (even the dogs are boys). Aside from photography, Kelly’s loves are: her family and friends, God, yoga, soccer, family movie night in bed, flip flops, workout clothes, jamming in the car with the windows down, road trips, going to the farmers market, riding old school scooters, rainy days, jumping on her trampoline, picnics, watching The Voice, learning about nutrition so she can cook lots of barely edible meals for her family… Her work can be found at

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    1. an instruction manual for lifestyle newborn photography

      These ladies have poured their hearts and souls into this breakout, and it is so obvious. I was giddy when I opened the folder and found so many pdfs full of information and gorgeous inspiration! And as if it is not enough to see their work, you get to see 3 additional artist’s work for these sessions. This is an area that I really want to explore, and now I feel like I have the instruction manual. I love that you get to see their different perspectives on every part of newborn lifestyle photography, how they handle difficult situations, tips for different ages/siblings, pricing, etc. I especially loved the video on-location at a client’s home and getting to see how she would use the space and light. It’s one thing to read it but seeing it really solidifies the information. Well done ladies, this is amazing!
      I have had the pleasure of being in a couple of workshops with Lisa as TA and instructor, and I have to say, it was fabulous to hear her voice, beautiful French accent and all!
      on 11th Sep 2015

    2. A Breath of Fresh Air

      This breakout is fantastic. It’s so clear from the very beginning that there was a ton of hard work and long hours put into it. The content is not only well thought out but specific and BEAUTIFUL. I loved the detailed step by steps and the video of Kelly shooting is outstanding! It’s so nice to confirm the things I’ve been doing as well as to get some new ideas and tricks!
      I read through the breakout right before a newborn session last week. It was absolutely one of my best sessions to date thanks to the ideas from the break out and the confidence it gave me. Then, when I re-read it again before my newborn session a few days later, I felt even better about the direction I was going and revised my website! My next step is to take a hard look at my pricing and make revisions there as well thanks to the detailed examples Kelly & Lisa provide!
      What I loved the most was that Lisa & Kelly have two different approaches to their business and how they do things so you’re really get two pros for the price of one! It’s so nice to see what one does, the alternatives, and that they both work!!
      on 7th Sep 2015

    3. Amazing Breakout!

      What a fabulous breakout!! I just love how both Lisa and Kelly capture emotion and connection in their work. In this HUGE breakout, they go through everything from how they each got started, to why, to their planning techniques and how to nail a session. I switched to lifestyle newborns about a year ago and have been learning as I go. This breakout covers everything I’ve been teaching myself through trial and error, plus much, much, much more. I will be reading and re-reading this because there are so many ideas, tips, tricks and ideas shared. The gears in my head are already turning from the ideas here. I’d like to thank both Lisa and Kelly for sharing so openly, honestly and thoroughly. I would highly recommend this breakout to anyone new to lifestyle newborn work, or anyone thinking of switching to lifestyle. Not only is it a great read, but there’s so much inspiration here! on 4th Sep 2015

    4. Brilliant Breakout!!

      Oh my goodness! I have never seen so much depth in a breakout session! This content could easily be a 4 week class. Lisa and Kelly really outdid themselves! This was written for me. I start to feel so nervous as I’m packing my car full to the brim and barely fitting my beanbag through their door. Newborn photography is simply not my strength and this breakout has given me a whole new outlook on this genre. Family photography is my love and this breakout teaches you to shoot what you love. I can actually see myself loving a newborn session! I’m so thankful they have put this information all together to teach the world their brilliance! I can not wait to begin rebuilding my newborn work portfolio. There is well over 200+ pages of PDF filled with beautiful images and priceless information. They have left nothing out! Also some great editing videos! If you have any interest in ditching the beanbag this breakout is for you! They give you step by step tips on how to rebuild your portfolio and market yourself as a lifestyle newborn photographer. Thank you, Lisa and Kelly!! on 29th Aug 2015

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    • Kelly Garvey &Lisa Tichané Breakout
      Join Kelly Garvey and Lisa Tichané as they show you how to cap...

    Kelly Garvey &Lisa Tichané Breakout

    Join Kelly Garvey and Lisa Tichané as they show you how to capture connections in lifestyle newborn photography.
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