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A Beautiful Rebellion with Kellie Bieser

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    This breakout is a peek into Kellie's world, from what inspired her to pick up her first camera to what inspires her to keep taking pictures today. With a mix of personal anecdotes and technical summaries, she explores why the rules are "rules" and what we as artists say about ourselves when we choose to follow those rules or intentionally break them. Kellie also touches upon the importance of community and critique and how getting feedback from others in this field can help us grow as artists and as individuals (whether we choose to heed their opinions or not). It is about how to create confidence in who we are as artists while continually learning and growing.


    Bio:  Kellie Bieser of Shutter & Glass Photography is an unapologetic rule-breaker.  As the mother of three joyfully mischievous children (and a fourth on the way) she has learned that being a little rebellious is a lot more fun than doing things the "right" way all the time.  Luckily Mr. Bieser is a very patient man.  In photography, she has found her artistic voice in breaking the rules and is constantly inspired by the idea of creating images that challenge expectations.


    What’s Included:  

    *a PDF full of images and resources to help you break the rules that are holding you back

    *videos of Kellie editing 4 unique images with thorough explanations as to why certain choices were made for the final product—no actions's all by hand!


    What You’ll Learn:


    *fundamental rules of photography and editing as well as the science of why they "work" 

    *how breaking the rules can create a stronger narrative in your images 

    *the importance of healthy critique and how to grow from it 

    *how to break the photography business mold to create a profession you love 

    *how to keep *YOU* in your photographs...and so much more 




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    1. Loved it :-)

      As an amateur photographer and photoshop newbie, I truly enjoyed Kellie's breakout. She walked us through her carefree color and b&w conversion process, teaching new techniques and shortcuts along the way. It was really useful to see how she turns her great SOOC shots into magical, storytelling pieces. Just as enjoyable though, was her demeanor and personality. She talked briefly on her approach to balancing her passion for photography with her desire to remain present in her childrens' lives. She gracefully demonstrated that creating beautiful photography is possible, despite the chaos that can be life with kids. on 21st Jul 2014

    2. Amazing, Inspiring, Just Plain Fun!

      Kellie really is inspiring and I got so much more from this breakout than I thought I would. I'm an amateur photographer and have been a little too consumed (and overwhelmed) by having to "follow the rules." I also tend to be hypercritical of myself and get frustrated when my photographs don't abide by the aforementioned rules. Kellie's breakout really helped me open up and relax. I really feel that my photography improved greatly as a result. While this breakout was great for me as a newbie, I think it would also really benefit a more seasoned photographer who is feeling stuck in a rut or is just looking for me inspiration. on 7th Jul 2014

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    • Kellie Bieser | Breakout Promo

    Kellie Bieser | Breakout Promo

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